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5 Marketing Automation Systems Too Good to Be True

The sales cycle has changed greatly over time. Nowadays, a huge part of the customers educate themselves with online content before buying the product or even contacting a vendor. Independent product reviews, social networks, forums and blogs make a colossal influence on consumers’ decision making process. The task of modern marketing specialists is to react to the change and utilize new tools and methods for nurturing leads and engaging new buyers. Inbound, content, email and social media marketing are becoming increasingly popular.

Marketing Automation software helps to conduct successful digital marketing campaigns, nurture high quality leads and provide them with relevant, personalized content until they are ready to purchase. The primary task of these systems is to automate repetitive marketing tasks and measure their effectiveness. Despite the common purpose, there are significant differences between various marketing automation tools. Therefore, we have decided to create a brief comparison of the 5 popular MA solutions.  


Marketo positions itself as a multi-functional platform, fitting for organizations of any size.  It offers features for customer engagement, real-time personalization, messaging across multiple marketing channels, budgeting, marketing calendars, etc.

The true beauty of Marketo are its drag and drop email and landing page editors, making it easy to create bright, compelling designs. In addition to that, the solution provides advanced reporting options - both standard and customizable.  

Marketo offers native integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. It is also possible to connect with such platforms as NetSuite, Oracle and SugarCRM through Marketo’s partners.


LeadSquared is a complete marketing and sales automation software, perfect for medium-sized businesses looking for scalability and flexibility. The tool supports both online and mobile accessibility, allowing to work from any internet-ready device.

LeadSquared does a great job in the area of web management, particularly web form and landing page design, as well as URL customization.

Concerning the integration options, LeadSquared can be accessed programmatically using REST APIs.


This platform pitches itself as an all-in-one marketing automation system that can be equally successful for both big projects and small businesses. What facilitates thу wide reach of the solution are its intuitive interface and simplicity. Nurture encompasses all of the essential marketing tools, yet manages to avoid the bloat and complexity of larger MA systems.

Through such features as smart segmentation, comprehensive user profiles, real time alerts and easy A/B testing Nurture aims to help create a real personalized customer experience.

As for the CRM integration options, Nurture provides Salesforce and SugarCRM access.


Leadsius is a platform targeted mostly on small businesses. The solution makes it easy to get started and develop marketing campaigns gradually. The major features of the platform include email marketing, web form and landing page creation, lead reporting, marketing dashboard and website tracking.

One peculiar option is the ability to infuse Leadsius right into the WordPress-based website, since this MA tool comes in a form of WordPress plugin. Finally, what makes Leadsius really unique is that it offers almost all of its features for free with a single limit on a number of contacts in a database.


BuzzPortal is marketing automation software that helps companies manage both their inbound and outbound marketing channels from a single platform. The tool helps to track user behavior, nurture leads, and manage the sales pipeline.

In addition to that BuzzPortal is an extremely flexible and highly customizable platform. It has a large number of pre-built reporting tools, where users can design their own reports to track custom metrics.

BuzzPortal offers their own CRM solution and an integration with such third party CRMs as Salesforce, Sugar and Zoho.       

Undoubtedly, all of the aforementioned solutions are advanced systems with extensive functionality, beneficial for both marketing and sales teams. However, establishing a bi-directional integration between the marketing automation and CRM software will allow to uncover the true potential and make the most of both tools.

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