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5 Telephony Systems You Will Never Call into Question

Telephony is one of the oldest communication methods used in business environments. Even despite the rise of many new technologies, it didn’t lose its relevance even today. Going beyond the simple desk phone, now telephony has evolved into a modern tool that encompasses unified communications, digital collaboration, mobility, and even video. Moreover, the industry continues to develop rapidly, forcing telephony solution providers to enhance their products with more and more advanced features. Due to this, we have decided to look at some different telephony systems and see how they handle the task.


8x8 is a VoIP-based robust business phone system that includes just about every calling and integration component available. Personalized voicemail, three-way calling, caller ID, call waiting, transfers, call forwarding, chat, on-hold music, conference bridges, ring groups, mobile app and corporate directories are only a few of the features this solution has to offer. To top it all off, 8x8 provides an online dashboard, allowing to make calls from PC, as well as manage communications and call history.

One other aspect worth highlighting in regards to 8x8 is the system’s exceptional reliability. The company takes plenty of different measures to prevent outages and ensure the documented 99.997 percent uptime. For instance, 8x8 has two different data centers, located on each coast in the U.S. These centers are mirror images of each other and will be able to prevent disruptions in service even in case of a natural disaster. The company also works with seven different call carriers, guaranteeing that if one of the carriers goes down, the traffic will be redirected to the other ones, and the call continuity won’t be disrupted.

8x8 is a perfect choice for small and medium businesses that value dependability and robust functionality.  


RingCentral is another VoIP-based phone system. It can work with a variety of devices, including traditional phones connected to analog telephone adaptors, phones made specifically for VoIP systems, mobile phones or headsets connected to computers. This, together with the powerful mobile app, offers a lot of flexibility regarding hardware investments and work on the go.    

One of the things that sets RingCentral apart is the incredible ease of setup and use. The online sign-up process allows to get the system up and running in just a few minutes.

All in all, the solution in question is supplied with the following important features:

  • conference calling,
  • call forwarding,
  • call screening,
  • call logs,
  • missed-call notifications,
  • music on hold,
  • auto-receptionist and more.

Choose RingCentral if you are a small business or if your company requires a high level of mobility.  

Fathom Voice

Fathom Voice is a feature-rich cloud-based PBX system that aims to help businesses work efficiently both in and out of office. Among the most noteworthy benefits of this product is unlimited local and long distance calling for all users. An auto attendant, greeting all inbound callers and an HD Voice quality are some of the other aspects making this telephony provider a worthy option to consider.

In case there is a need to assign a call to a different representative, users can take advantage of the Drag & Drop Transfer option. And a possibility to set up ring groups to route calls to several people or even entire teams makes call management with Fathom voice even more convenient. Finally, you have to know, that all operations with the system are powered through the web portal.

As for the client audience, Fathom Voice can be used by companies of all sizes equally effectively.


Axvoice is a cloud-based system that stands out from the crowd of competitors thanks to its affordable and flexible pricing plans, together with the 15-day money back guarantee. As for the equipment and setup, it is possible to both use your own devices or get the necessary ones from Axvoice.

Overall, each plan offered by the system includes over 40 features, the main of which are:  

  • call blocking,
  • call forwarding,
  • do not disturb,
  • call waiting,
  • caller ID,
  • failover and enhanced voicemail.
  • "Find Me Follow Me," (forwards calls to a pre-set series of numbers if you don't pick up, to find you when you're away from home)

Also, the service allows a business' employees to manage their voicemails via the Web.

Taking everything mentioned above into account, it is possible to conclude that Axvoice is a good fit for independent entrepreneurs or home-office professionals.


Phonebooth is a VoIP solution developed by Bandwidth.com, a large supplier of voice and data communication services. Essentially, it is a full-featured On Demand business phone system that offers unlimited local and long-distance calling with a range of enterprise-class features. The main ones include:

  • auto-attendants,
  • voice-to-email transcriptions,
  • conference calling;
  • call forwarding;
  • HD voice quality;
  • intelligent call routing, etc.

What is worth noting about this service is its intuitive, Web-based interface that allows taking advantage of all Phonebooth’s features without any technical skills. Additionally, the solution offers a straightforward pricing system that depends solely on the number of users working with it.

All in all, the solutions described in the article have a lot in common and introduce many of the same features, however, each one has something that sets it apart.

Those telephony providers that want to improve their products even further should consider adding an option of CRM integration or expanding the circle of supported platforms. Such a feature is looked for by many users, for it helps to increase the efficiency of both systems. Besides, Data2CRM.API provides a possibility to connect any telephony system with 12+ CRMs simultaneously.

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