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5 Ways to Improve Marketing Automation Workflow with CRM Integration

The current business landscape spurs for innovations and quick responses to the changes. To comply with the evolving demands and new scenarios, marketing automation workflow is a thirst for enhancements and disruption elimination. As more and more vendors have recognized the need to provide competitive options to galvanize the performance, CRM integration becomes as a must-have item in the feature set.  

How Is Marketing Automation Thought-Above And Used

Keeping up to the date with an industry that’s constantly going forward means that the flexibility and value-focused service or product will be able to accommodate to any user’s demands. And marketing automation workflow is no exception, as it is usually considered as a process streamlining solution.

Deriving advantage: your users mainly automate campaigns, send personalized offers, build landing pages, test the methods and actions efficiency, track the potential customers and qualify leads. Yet, there is not all so bright and colorful.

Experiencing disadvantages: on the other hand, some of your clients violate the truth and use your service as an alternative to manual email sending out or as a completed substitute to marketing strategy. Those that don’t fall into the extremes suffer from using inaccurate data and ignore the buying cycle stage and customer’s interests.

Regardless, the size of the company or problems your users have, every will grab the concrete essence of the workflow development.

Successful Marketing Automation: What to Offer Your Users

The excessive, not usually unnecessary, features harm your software more than they help it. So, maintaining the vision of your service, enable your users with the options of the utmost importance:

  • offer tools for data gathering and executing strategies based on listening to the customer’s actual needs;

  • teach them how to fuel their marketing strategies with your feature set;

  • help your clients to achieve a full potential by offering CRM integration.

Marketing Automation Integration Opens Competitive Advantages

They say you need to come with an ending before you figure out your middle. Many of business owners fail already at the beginning as they are too skeptical to see what they can gain from CRM integration and how they can help their users to optimize marketing automation workflow. If you also have some doubts, check out the next samples of CRM and your software interacting via APIs.

#1 New Leads from Marketing Database

The lists of leads in marketing automation tool and CRM differ a lot, and you can craft the better customer experience and save lots of time for your users by enabling automated data exchange.

How to make it? With Data2CRM.API methods, you can set up creating a new lead, as well as enable checking the exciting ones and avoid record duplication. Check out our documentation for the full list of methods.

#2 Build Campaigns in Marketing Automation and CRM Automatedly

Face the kicker: a client has to create a campaign in your tool and then duplicate the same as a task in CRM. The velocity of the process here is in triggering a task adding in CRM along with setting up an email or ad campaign.

Marketing automation integration allows adding campaign details into the tasks and vice versa. This way you save the time and efforts of your clients and give them the opportunity to keep their records accurate and up-to-date.

#3 Segment and Qualify via Social Profiles

Commonly, automation tools enable tracking social profiles of customers, and there are lots of data to make the campaigns and offers more meaningful and boost the overall performance efficiency. Another approach to improve the workflow within your service is to aid in the segmentation and lead qualification processes.

Everything quite simple: transfer the information from the social profiles to the lead profiles or add as notes in CRM. How does it help? It enhances the process of creating personalized and targeted offers and raises the efficiency of the sent emails.

#4 Update Client’s Profile with A Single Form

Going from conceptual to data-driven decision making, even the one form can bring practical insight into customer’s needs and expectations. Due to marketing automation integration, the contact profiles in your user’s CRM can be updated every time a filled in data sheet sent by a targeted customer.

#5 Catch All the Opportunities from Budgeting and Reports

In developing a perspective on the revenue increase and tracking the customer-focused approach in the campaign running, it is vital to gather reports and budget sheets in a single place. You can ensure that your users ride the efficiency train by empowering them to collect and analyze these data in their CRM solutions automatically.

With the expense of marketing automation integration, you will solve the shared problem of every business: time wasting on paperwork and data updating cross the tools they apply. Plus, CRM integration will be bright efficiency to your service, and alongside the functionality increase, you’ll receive the option to extend the targeted audience and increase incomes.

Why CRM Integration via Data2CRM.API?

API integration is becoming the buzzword and efficient approach to business development. Despite it sounds so great to enable the function of service integration, many vendors still doubt about the costs, time and data privacy.

Data2CRM.API can resolve these issues as this is a web-based service that offers 17 CRMs integration via a single ecosystem development. There is no need for developing a separate connection to each desired CRM, and the integration process itself will take up to 2 days (by estimation of our developer team).

Another critical issue of digital age is the data security. The service takes this question seriously and enable

  • physical security (i.e.logs, 2-factor authentication, etc.),

  • network security (i.e.network firewalls, DDoS prevention, and network posture assessment),

  • application security (i.e. HTTPS-encrypted communication, role-based authorization, and validation of all requests), and

  • there are regular security audits to prevent any vulnerabilities and ensure privacy.

Data2CRM.API empowers you with a transparent documentation, so you can check the methods and code patterns the service uses. In case, you have more questions on marketing automation integration, feel free to contact our dedicated account manager right away.

Final Thoughts

Users value the products and services that are constantly evolving. Embody the sense of what success is by advancing the marketing automation workflow for your users, and make your tool more actionable with CRM integration. Solidify a vision of income and audience growth not just in mind, but in reality, too.

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