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Apps Discovery: How to Choose A Fleet Management Platform

Building a business today is easier than ever thanks to the available and productive technology resources. Sales and marketing aren’t the only areas that can be optimized and advanced; the vehicle tracking niche also got a dose of the inspiring innovation.

The fleet management platform helps to collect valuable data on the engine performance, drivers database and safety analytics, GPS tracking and route optimization, finances, and reports. But beneath everything, it’s a service to enhance the fleet and maintenance management, prevent extra expenses, and set up better work order processing.

Criteria to Choose Fleet Management Platform

Sometimes the most subtle changes have the biggest impact. When you are facing the challenges to select or change your current tool, it is vital to focus on the options you need to stay nimble in large business environments i.e. track the vehicle and driver behavior, collect customizable reports along with affordable price and flexible long-term contracts.

The feature checklist may be impressive. Thus, it gives no guarantees to remedy your problem-causing experience. Ideally, the fleet management platform should fulfill your requirements in full scale and comply easily with all demands. In practice, you should define a list of tasks and options of the software to address them properly, as well as agile the workflow.

So, minimize the complexity and pay attention to the following opportunities offered by the fleet management platforms:

  • upfront and maintenance cost,

  • ease of usage without extra onboarding,

  • customizations and personalized alerts,

  • useful analytic insights and tailored reports.

Fleet Management Platform For Value-Based Performance

Including these points, here are the number of solutions to create the effective scenarios with gathering the key metrics to improve the overall vehicle and business performance. The fleet management platforms positioned randomly to avoid any direct or indirect preferences.

InTouch GPS

The solution provides the toolkit that will comply the business needs regardless the size or industry. The key features of this fleet management tool are the next:

  • round the clock vehicle visibility with mobile app support,

  • rich analytics with abilities set standard and customized reports,

  • scheduled reports and real-time alerts to keep track of all the changes,

  • tasks setting and maintenance for a specific or group of vehicles,

  • multiple users with the role, territory and manager segmentation.

Price: free hardware, $23,95 mo/vehicle without any contracts.


Focusing on the 4 main aspects, the GPSTrackIT provides options to manage fleet tracking, reporting, driver’s behavior, and ROI. In the list of tools, you will find

  • inventory control and vehicle diagnostics,

  • geo-fences, route optimization and mapping,

  • customizable reports with instant email/SMS alerts,

  • fuel usage and schedule changes in the analytics,

  • two-way communication options and mobile apps version.

Price: offers a free demo, the detailed costs requires contact with GPSTrackIT.


Teletrac is a fleeting management platform that offers various fleet types services. With this tool, you may take advantage of the following features:

  • full map visibility and status of the vehicles,

  • collect reports on the fleet and driver’s behavior,

  • dispatch and navigation options to ensure the vehicle security,

  • KPIs dashboard and control panel to keep track of all the activities and changes,

  • alerts and mobile app support.

Price: suggests a free demo, and you need to request a quote for more details on costs.


With this simple but powerful solution, you will be able to get far more than a mere GPS tracking. Telogis enables the next opportunities for optimization and business efficiency growth:

  • automated, real-time alerts about the key events and downtimes,

  • route history and driver’s behavior tracking,

  • customized hierarchy and access to a specific user or user groups,

  • suggested scripts for custom workflows,

  • automated reports and safety KPI dashboard.

Price: a free demo is available, additional information on costs requires contacting with the team.


Another representative of this niche is Greenroad, the fleet management platform that may optimize and level up your performance. In the key feature checklist, the solution offers:

  • extended feedback on the driver’s decisions for fuel expenses optimization,

  • triggers the in-vehicle recordings in the risks and idly spots,

  • scheduled trips and tasks tracking along with reports on the vehicle health,

  • monitoring the daily operations via landmark and geo-targeting.

Price: you can schedule a demo, for more info on costs contact with Greenroad.

Bottom Line

During the selection of the fleet management platform, it’s highly advisable to focus on the options and tools that facilitate the delivery of essential, quality service. Besides, don’t forget that these solutions gather, process and create reports on information that boost the ROI and productivity of your business.

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