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Bitrix24 API Integration – Your Key to B2B Success

Trying to automate and simplify as many business tasks as possible, modern companies are using various apps and software solutions on the day to day basis. Often, the effectiveness of the tools utilized depends on the quality and relevance of information entered into the program. System integration is one of the tried and true ways to increase data consistency and avoid duplication. Clearly, establishing an interaction between different applications is of concern not only to businesses but also to software vendors, for such a feature can expand the possibilities of their products and attract more clients.

The best way to establish the connection between various apps up to date is an API or Application Programming Interface. It allows to synchronize data between Bitrix24 and such solutions as marketing automation, email marketing, accounting, project management, etc. through the ability to retrieve, add, update and gather all needed information.

As for the solutions worth integrating with, CRM platforms should be the first ones on the list. The tools hold large amounts of customer data throughout their whole lifecycle. Moreover, they gather and compile the information across different channels, which makes them perfect data sources to connect with.

Reasons to Integrate with Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a practical solution designed to help manage a company online. This CRM platform has various tools and features to handle such everyday operations as processing sales, managing tasks and schedules, reporting, etc.

All in all, Bitrix24 is a convenient, user-friendly communication and collaboration platform for maintaining both internal operations and external relations. The platform offers the following benefits:

  • An ability to store, search, share and discuss documents;
  • Tools for project coordination;
  • Intuitive navigation between all the features.

How Can Data2CRM.API Be Useful for Integration Purposes

Data2CRM.API is an online solution that provides a seamless integration between various business apps and 12+ CRM platforms with the help of an API. A unified interface allows to get access to all the desired systems simultaneously with no extra efforts for developing separate integration modules. The list of supported CRMs is constantly growing with more solutions and new versions of those already available. Currently, it is possible to integrate with such industry leaders as Bitrix24, Salesforce, Highrise, Insightly, ZohoCRM and others.

Some of the other Data2CRM.API benefits are:

  • Over 40 API methods to add, update and delete various CRM entities;
  • Extensive documentation with short code samples, allowing to test the service in action;
  • Secure integration process ensured by a 32-symbol unique API key and SSL connection.

Using Data2CRM.API can simplify the integration process greatly and mitigate the risks associated with the task. So don’t hesitate to take this chance to scale your business and gain more happy customers. Feel free to contact us, with any questions you may have.

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