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Call Tracking + CRM Integration: Take On Business Challenges Sufficiently

Call tracking tools bring the improvements in business workflows development, and level up the efficiency of marketing campaigns, sales pitches, as well as support service. Hence, the multiple information sources require real-time access for each team, so more and more vendors look for call tracking integration with CRM solutions.

Now more than ever, businesses task their teams to show up ROI of all campaigns that drive the qualified leads. The analysis of the performance success has become easier due to a waste number of tools available. Call tracking solutions enhance the marketing and sales activities following and, therefore, timely lead sourcing and focus on the most effective prospect channels.

Nevertheless, the set of your software options won’t be full without the CRM integration, as long as the pressure of deep insights into the gathered data goes hand in hand with the majors goals. By offering the significant, rewarded value, the multipoint approach will extend your audience, and strengthen the relationships with the current clients.

Big Data Obsession: What’s That Mean for Business Soft?

With the call tracking tools, savvy business owners have tackled the need to improve the communication with customers, while the CRM solution handles the interaction between in-house teams. No wonder that the growing flow of information inspired (or forced) them to employ the data-led strategy and demands to the strong results.

C-management doesn’t focus only on the measuring the delivery part, as it is risky and difficult to carve out the specific metrics and measure it objectively. CRM has been embedded into the agile development, and currently, this tool provides the analytics and evidence for the efficacy of a company choices. Call tracking integration is neither leading-edge innovation, nor ground-breaking approach to business running. Thus, this is a sought-for option and important point during the selection of this sort of tools.

Value You Can Offer with Call Tracking Integration

Due to the in-depth call tracking, companies acquire a comprehensively-tracked wide range of data. In its turn, that makes these tools the essential analytical element. CRM integration makes it easier to derive deeper insights and value of any organization’s performance.

While tracking the campaigns (i.e. posts and keywords, website activities and specific products, lead sources, etc.), the understanding of the entire customer’s journey in the sales cycle gets more value through the CRM data lookups and exchanging. Call track integration excludes time-wasting manual contacts, reports, and other information adding into CRM. So, to the high uptime, service quality, and credibility, you can include an agile function of ready-made connection to the customer relationship management system.

CRM Integration: Get, Set, Go?

The process of development itself is a tricky part. Why? The skeptics will definitely say - it is such a costly and enduring initiative that also requires many efforts to get connected to a single CRM; plus, what’s the point of only one platform. On the other hand, the wild enthusiasts, who try to ensure that this project can be done with ease, sound suspicious.

To teach your tool to “speak” to another software isn’t a simple task, yet it definitely faster and easier than to learn a foreign language. APIs make everything possible in a safe and fast way. Besides, with API integration, you will open hidden opportunities that your clients may have no idea about.

Anyway, the development of CRM integration requires the assistance of your IT department or hire an API professional. Either option isn’t ideal as in the first one - your team is distracted, and in the second one - it will entail specific per hour payment. And how about staying ahead of the curve and competitors, and offer a support of multiple CRMs with only one integration development? You can connect your call tracking solution to 17 CRM platforms via Data2CRM.API.

Data2CRM.API for Seamless Call Tracking Integration

With a unified API solution Data2CRM.API, you get the opportunity to integrate and ensure data exchange and other manipulations with multiple CRMs by means of a single integration. Here are a few facts about this service:

  • Data2CRM.API provides seamless integration with 17 CRM platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zoho, Bitrix24 and many others.

  • The tool uses more that 70 methods to enable required manipulations with the data.

  • You or your technical specialist can explore the robust documentation with code samples and patterns to understand how the service work, or you can contact with our expert.

  • The service uses TLS 1.2+SHA-256 with RSA Encryption and SSL connection to guarantee data privacy and security.

  • Due to the estimations of Data2CRM.API developer, the process of CRM integration will take nearly 2 days.

Another burning question is what can you actually offer your users and potential customers. In column A the data collected by the call tracking tool, and in the column B what can these data be within the CRM solution.


And now, what actions and exchanges can be done from CRM solution in call tracking tool. So, column A is about CRM, and the column B is all about service.


Focusing on the economy of work and efforts, the seamless call tracking integration with CRMs will be a valuable and efficient option for your clients. Besides, your business acquires new assets for customer acquisition, KPIs improvement, and competitors out-performing. Sounds interesting? Get in touch with Data2CRM.API and ask questions and get the detailed answers.

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