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Call Tracking Service: How to Get Conversion Increase

Marketing and sales efforts acquired a new asset - call tracking service - in the performance improving and delivering higher ROI estimation. The solution brings marketing tracking availability (for keywords, ad campaigns, etc.), and sales pitches.

Call Tracking Service: Do You Really Need It?

The appearance of this business solution goes back to the marketers desire to advance lead sources visibility. So, with call tracking software, you can run online and offline campaigns and sales activities more effectively, as well as correspond the evolving and changing customer requirements.

Keeping a 360-degree overview of marketing expenses, many organizations, avoid the guessing approach and assumption-defeating perspective to smarketing team performance. Call tracking software drives the underestimated channels of conversions and sales into your analytics and, therefore, adduce better tactics to revenue-driven processes.

Key Benefits and Gains

Having identified and better understood the human and technological realities, the call tracking services deliver the core components:

  • track the sources of incoming leads,

  • receive analytics of online and offline campaigns that drive the sales,

  • evolve communication patterns and customer comprehension of your brand,

  • improve marketing strategy due to the analysis of conversions, and

  • optimize the budget expenses in the lead generation process.

Points to Clear Up Before Hiring A Provider

To build up user retention and get performance channel visibility, call tracking tools are used by companies of various shapes and sizes. This service helps to handle pain points of e-commerce, travel, healthcare, automotive and financial agencies, as well as B2B technology companies.

Let’s unpack some of the aspects to consider before you buy the call tracking software:

  • make sure that the tool you choose offers the multiple types of campaign tracking (online and offline),

  • availability of integration options (i.e. website data, Google Analytics, marketing automation or CRM platform),

  • check out the possibility of the so-called “whisper messages” that offer the insight for sales rep what inspire the call of the specific prospect,

  • call recording is a must-have, it helps to define which lead is more likely to turn into deal,

  • collect real-time reporting after calls,

  • look for toll-free and local numbers options,

  • be reachable and choose a vendor that enables call, text and voice mail leads,

  • explore the existing customers feedbacks about the service quality and functionality.

5 Call Tracking Software to Business Efficiency Increase

Long ago marketing has divided into online and offline (i.e. print, television, etc.), and there were silos of data to collect and analyze. However, the call tracking tools bridged this gap and advanced the performance of these separate niches.

Among the numerous vendors and tools to amplify your marketing and sales effectiveness, the following ones are worth your attention:

  • CallFire offers a number of services, including voice broadcast, text messaging, interactive voice response, cloud call center, and call tracking. With this vendor, you receive all the required options (i.e. extensive reports, whisper messages, call recording, Google Analytics integration, and call and text local numbers).

Costs: you can pay as you go (¢5 per minute/texts) or choose one of the monthly charged plans that start with Lite ($99/mo per 2500 minutes/texts).

  • RingDNA offers a call tracking tool built exclusively for Salesforce users. With this service, marketers can track which campaigns, ads and keywords are driving the most valuable calls. RingDNA can then route calls automatically to the best available rep based on a call's marketing source. The tool also provides sales reps with buyer intent data from Salesforce, Google AdWords and other sources of data the moment a prospect calls, enabling reps to have smarter sales conversations.

Costs: requires connecting with the vendor.

  • DialogTech delivers the following major features: call tracking and routing, as well as call management. It also helps to optimize the PPC, ads, keywords and web pages and analytics for getting insight and control over the revenue-generating performance.

Costs: contact with DialogTech for getting their pricing.

  • CallBox is a solution that helps you to optimize more opportunities from the calls. Technology focuses on a number of industries: automotive and automotive dealership, home services, multihousing, dental and medical call tracking service. With this tool, you receive inbound and website call details, lead sources and ads campaign details, as well as staff performance reports.

Costs: requires getting in touch with the sales rep.

  • CallRail is a solution for call tracking, recording, and analytics. The service measures your conversions in search, digital, and offline campaigns records the calls and capture the customer journey before and after the call. If also integration with Google Analytics and Adwords. You can manage multiple companies, locations, or clients from one account, and improve your ROI.

Costs: offers 14 days trial, and Starter plan goes with $30/mo.

Closing Tip-off

Sometimes it may seem that technological possibilities are endless. You can manage a whole suite of various marketing tools, but gain no efficiency due to the segmented analytics. With the call tracking service, you will receive a different approach for customers to get in touch with your brands, collect real-time data and deliver timely sales pitches.

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