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CRM Integration in Business Improvement: How to Grow Your Revenue

A great number of issues concerning inside or outside company cooperation occurs nowadays. To keep the competitive edge in this ever-evolving business landscape, organizations of all shapes and sizes considering CRM integration as a practical option. It provides a variety of methods that are connected with accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, tasks, users, attachments, etc. They all can be edited, deleted, described, counted, etc.     

Because of the constant growth of the global market, vendors are looking for new tactics and ways to update their business strategies. Besides, one of their tasks is to extend the functionality of the performance and enhance the workflows. The CRM integration is an excellent means for such a business advancement. Along with that improvement, you can get the opportunity to satisfy requirements and expectations of your current clients and future users. Continuing this line of thought, consider your strategy upgrade with the following approaches to business running.

Value of Personalization for Customer Strategy

These days it is quite complicated for a company to hold a position in a top list of successful and profitable businesses. This issue is closely connected with a difficulty to solve clients’ problems and fulfill their expectations. Obviously, it is really significant to obtain feedback from a customer during and after product selling or service providing. In this case, a company can make its services more user-focused. So, it also helps to improve the future customers engagement and interaction.

Beneficial Strategy of Social Media Engagement for Companies

Currently, companies are running a policy of openness and tune up multiple touchpoints with their customers. For this reason, they actively represent in Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter and are eager to communicate with their users.

Feel still not sure why it’s worth reading posts on social networks? Here is an answer: this business strategy can boost your team’s performance. If your company already exists in the market, this tactic delivers a rise in a customer’s loyalty and strengthens your market position. If you work for or run a startup company, it enhances the connection and drives more visibility for your clients. You should also know that the company can obtain new clients and broaden the target audience by sharing content that can teach your clients how to use the service and proceed in business leading.

Business Integration to Level Up Your Strategy

Data-based decisions are an essential part of any successful initiatives. Therefore, companies gather as much information as possible to measure its KPIs and ROI more accurately. They also try to get more records about their clients to provide personal services. That’s why the data should be timely and relevant in order to obtain precise results.

In addition, data analysis comes as a vital and must-have element in the business development. Due to the evolving tech industry, these tasks and decision-making processes are enhanced. So, instead of switching between different business software and CRM, your company can deliver the CRM integration option to clients. Thereby, this action will be a significant step forward for your tool, and your users will obtain some efficient opportunities.

Firstly, sales revenue, KPIs, and ROI will boost. Secondly, there will be an optimization of workflow and update of all company departments, so that they can have an access to real-time data.

All in all, the true success of a company depends on different factors but in order to maintain it, your company may follow the key strategies mentioned above. You will definitely see positive results. For instance: if your employees record data properly, you’ll be able to make a right decision to keep a customer-centric business direction. What’s more, you can increase your sales and revenue if you integrate your software with CRM. So, business strategies are crucial in this process as they simplify it a lot.

5 Things to Keep in Mind about CRM Integration

If you are looking for better ways to streamline the cooperation inside and outside the company, the integration with CRM can be very helpful for you. It allows to simplify the transfer of clients’ data and save your time and efforts. By optimizing the workflows and performance with the API integration, the rates of KPIs and ROI will dramatically increase. To prove the fact here is a list of the main benefits for your business.  

#1 Easy data exchange. Due to CRM integration, you can transfer, update, add, delete, and synchronize all your business records seamlessly and quickly. As a result, your company can fulfill the clients’ expectations and needs in data accessibility across the company.

#2 New level of in-house communication. Your employers can have direct access to the relevant and constantly updated data collected in your CRM. When you connect your business tool to a CRM solution with API integration, you get the two-way data integration that enhances the cooperation and keeps different departments on the same page.

#3 Validity of records. Business success deeply relies on an effective CRM solution, and also data accuracy. You certainly know that planning, development, and flourishing of business are mostly based on information about clients. CRM solutions are the best ways to simplify the process of collecting and analyzing the received data. Of course, you may say that your business software gathers all necessary information, but it’s still quite complicated to transfer it manually. That’s why API integration is a highly discussed topic among your customers because data will be timely, relevant, and accurate in both systems: your service and client's CRM platform.

#4 Positive Influence of software integration. Business software providers consider bringing functionality updates into their tools to enable the smooth interaction with CRM. However, they need to keep balance, as well as require some time to improve existing performance and add new features.

Consequently, CRM integration is one of the most successful tactics to strengthen and upgrade your business strategy. Apart from developing your software, you receive more opportunities for getting new audiences and boost the customer loyalty rates.

#5 Significant Advantages of Integration

Data2CRM.API as one of the most useful CRM applications can supply your business software with smooth simultaneous integration with 17 CRM platforms. You can get an opportunity to transfer data without spending much time. Besides, you acquire the following options to:

  • broaden your target market with MicroSoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and other industry leaders;

  • check our robust documentation with more than 70 API methods and code samples;

  • three layer security: application, physical, and network levels;

  • receive guaranteed 99.9% uptime of service performance;

  • get help on any rising issues from a savvy-tech team;

  • flexible pricing and free Demo plan to test service in action.

Sounds like your business strategy can be powered up with CRM integration, and you want to figure out more details on how to develop your solution upgrade - feel free to schedule a call with our sales manager and get all the answers.

Brief Conclusion

Hitting the road of business improvement, you seek for new tactics and ways to apply them into your strategies. Certainly, there are dozens of various, even wild, ideas, but only a few of them appear suitable for you; and those mentioned above are among effective ones.

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