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Email Marketing Integration: How to Leverage the Power of CRM

The number of problems that business software vendors have to tackle seems to multiply. Once we conquered the perpetuated myth that email marketing is dead, your customer demands keep evolving and moving ahead to CRM integration as a must-have feature. So read on for a glimpse into the email marketing integration process, and get the impact of extra driven revenue by the functionality upgrading.

What Do Clients Look for in Email Marketing Integration?

The “one size fits all” approach in the email marketing platforms is faded away. The role of this tool goes far deeper in the customer lifecycle due to the importance of mobile and responsive design. It isn’t all that difficult to figure out that companies are taking on the data-driven tactic to campaign running, ROI and KPIs measuring.

Simply said: email marketing integration become the actionable opportunity to extending the feature scalability for reaching the point where customer and business values coincide. Apart from aligning the performance of marketing and sales teams, your clients expect

  • advanced collecting, tracking and managing contacts,
  • extended list segmentation and sign up forms capabilities,
  • real-time, geolocation reports and in-depth analytics, and
  • all mentioned above should be integrated into CRM solution.

Email marketing integration creates a solidified vision in the mind of your users, and they see new ways of improving their workflows and customer development. The trick is in the abilities to

  • track ROI of each marketing campaign,
  • get an insight into customer behavior and aid sales reps,
  • have a single view across the company for more effective delivery,
  • access to the targeted customers data and wrap up a deal,
  • create campaigns based on information gathered in CRM.

You can think of CRM integration this way: by spending time and certain budget on a development of two-way connection with CRM, in exchange, you will offer scalable functionality update, strengthen relationships with existing clients. As well as you get a new niche of clients - CRM users who are looking for an email marketing integration.

CRM Integration: Expenses-Worthy Upgrade?

Getting to proceeding with your software upgrading, it makes sense to think about the way this initiative will be done, the number of CRMs you are going to connect, and the expenses on the support of developed infrastructures. At this point, the API integration appears as the quick and safe data routing tool to sync and exchange information.

All these things about improved functionality and new clients sound very sweet. However, there is one question vendors ask themselves: how to make the email marketing integration indeed effective?

That’s true, building the connection to a one CRM definitely will bring you time, efforts and budget expenses, yet the quick boost of clients loyalty and new users are doubtful. To counter this matter, you can develop and support the integration with multiple CRM platforms with the help of a single API-based solution.

To address the objections of skeptics, you will agree that your email marketing soft can have many times larger user audience that it has today. The cornerstone of success is the valuable functionality and scalability your clients are looking for. In this way, CRM integration comes up as an option that makes your email marketing tool a powerful resource for business prospecting.

Data2CRM.API: Benefits of API-Based Infrastructure

In your trudge towards succeeding in CRM integration, the web-based service Data2CRM.API comes forth as the creative, reliable problem-solver. With the unified programming interface offered by the tool, you can develop and support a single integration with 17 CRM platforms, including the market leaders Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and others.

    One to Many Solution

    Data2CRM.API helps you to share the same understanding and need in the data-driven performance. What exactly hides behind that the seamless access to multiple CRMs? To be more specific, you can offer the following options to your clients:

    • Automate the adding and updating of leads, prospects and customers profiles in CRM, as well as sync new records from CRM into email marketing lists.
    • Campaign responses improve the sales calls and enable information update about certain customer segment.
    • Accordingly segmented customers lists added from CRM boost the effectiveness of email campaigns.
    • The feedback from the customers synchronized within CRM aids in the lead qualification process.
    • Tasks and notes from CRM can be triggered as a campaign setting off.
      Methods & Documentation

      For your email marketing integration you can use more than 70 methods to manipulate accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, tasks, users, notes, attachments, emails, events, calls, meetings, etc. Data2CRM.API offers you in-depth, complex but flexible API documentation with code samples and patterns.

      Logic of CRM Integration Process

      With Data2CRM.API, it will take you nearly 2 days to create a proven infrastructure. You start with the registration and authorization process.

      Then review our documentation and methods to understand how they are working. Download and install Data2CRM.API SDK and use a couple of methods to check and understand it works.

      Next step is adding the connection form to clients CRMs. And finally, optimize the performance by saving the data on your email marketing service side, and further updates of new records.

      Final Upshots

      Businesses have got used to constant changes and innovations, so it takes a lot to present a new shiny thing. Still, with email marketing integration you offer a competitive advantage and uncover opportunities for your clients and, therefore, your business. If your solution doesn’t do what is expected to, and you consider CRM integration - feel free to contact with Data2CRM.API and get constructive and detailed advice.

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