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Get Better Organization with 5 Approved Scheduling Tools

Regardless of the area of life, there several things that hunt and follow us - meetings and appointments are one of them. To tell the truth is nearly impossible to choose the right time for everyone, as well as avoid communicational and email mess. Scheduling tools come as a remedy to time-consuming actions, double bookings and endless phone numbers and emails tags.

How to Get Clear Organization And Save Time

Scheduling appointments and meetings can be a real Pandora’s Box, despite you do planning for a small group or the big event or webinar. Whether you a manager or business owner, you need the speeding up of this process, setting up and calendar synchronization, and more all over control.

In so far, the scheduling tool is the best choice for getting the happy medium in invites and follow-ups sending, along with setting the convenient time.

Key Features to Look for in Scheduling Tools

Uprising question is how to select the most suitable solution for scheduling your meetings and high-value activities. Apart from the authentic design and easy-to-use navigation, this tool should have a feature set to suit your unique requirements.

What abilities you need to pay attention to when you pick up a planning tool? Ideally, the scheduling software will offer you the following options:

  • integration with Google and Outlook calendar and iCal,
  • unlimited numbers of meetings, attendees or guests,
  • a mass messaging system to deliver invites and follow-ups with ease,
  • provide the response and add to calendar options to the clients or guests,
  • group access and calendar to enhance issues of timing,
  • enable scheduling for different time zones (it works for those who runs business activities in different continents, as well as for average people who sign up for webinars, events, or schedule calls and demos),
  • supply the high privacy level.

5 Scheduling Tools to Succeed with Your Appointments

Let’s face it, the market of time-saving solutions is quite impressive, and anyone can easily get lost in the useful and feature-supercharged solutions. Taking into account the desired specifications mentioned above, you will find these 5 tools interesting and effective.

#1 Calendly

Being ideal for the recurring appointments, Calendly offers multiple types of meeting that can be easily cloned. Also, you select the length of description without extra changes in the settings. Besides, this scheduling tool relies heavily on Google account and automatically synchronizes with Google calendar. After accepting the invitation, the attendee will get the notification added to his/her calendar.

Peculiar feature:You can share a personalized calendar link with your team or clients, and these people can set convenient time for them.

Costs: The web service offers a free Basic Plan and Premium Plan ($8 user/mo annual billing or $10 user/mo monthly billing).

#2 Setmore

Multifunctional solution works equally well for personal use and for business. Setmore offers you convenient, on-the-go scheduling with SMS and email reminders. Apart from synchronization with Google calendar, this app provides widgets and social plugins. You can keep track of your plans and meetings via appointment calendar or appointment booking page. Setmore is supported on Android and iOS devices.

Peculiar feature: The app stores every detail connected with an appointment, customer, employee or payment. Plus, it offers a white label.

Costs: There is a Standard Plan (it’s free) and Premium $25/mo.

#3 Doodle

Being one of the scheduling tools that offers polls, Doodle allows you to run a survey with suggested checkboxes for selecting the most suitable time. Along with Google and iCloud calendar synchronization, this web-based app enables you with automated reminders, enables with design customization and personal subdomain.

Peculiar feature: The app provides you with SSL encryption and enables to view the participants that are away.

Costs: Doodle offers a free account for one user, Private - €29/year (best for a freelancer or single entrepreneur) and Business for groups €219 per 10 users/year.

#4 NeedtoMeet

With NeedToMeet, multiplatform tool, you get the basic features for planning - polls, notifications, custom URL, as well as ads free working area. The meeting and appointment schedules created by you will be adjusted to your attendee timezone automatedly. You can add an appointment right away from your Outlook, yet, it won’t synchronize with iCloud and Google calendars. In NeedToMeet each of your meetings has a link and you can track the results of your invitations in the dashboard.

Peculiar feature: The scheduling tool has its own email program, synchronizes the contacts and gives an option that allows attendees to follow the process.

Costs: NeedToMeet provides 2 free plans - Standard and Registered, and a paid Premium plan $19 user/year.

#5 ScheduleOnce

Being one of the robust players among scheduling tools, ScheduleOnce delivers a great help to various industries and business types. This solution helps to work and manage the team by automatic assigning, group sessions with a large number of clients simultaneously and sends various confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups. Apart from polls suggesting multiple time options, there are location features that enable physical place setting or generates a virtual session by conferencing integration.

Peculiar feature: With ScheduleOnce, you receive the calendar, website, 3rd party and email integration.

Costs: Check out the range of various plans provided by this tool -

  • Plus ($5 user/mo) with 1 booking page;
  • Premium ($9 user/mo) with 1 booking page;
  • Professional ($19 user/mo) with 2 booking pages;
  • Enterprise ($49 user/mo) with 3 booking pages.

Closing Thoughts

There is a number of efficient scheduling tools that facilitate the process of setting up and track appointments. So if you are looking for the app to run your meeting smoothly, you should give a try to these 5 solutions.

Have got another great scheduling tool? Don’t be greedy and share it in comments.

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