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Get the Max Profit of the Survey Tool Integration with CRMs

Along with the evolving innovations, the customers and, therefore, business mindsets are shifting and modifying. It’s been less than a decade since the channels of integration and communication have extended. Focusing on the acquiring the all-embracing data collection and analysis, vendors look for survey tool integration.

Data Paradigm Is Changing

The increasing amount of data isn’t the only trend that drives the innovation in the user interaction. No matter how brilliant or inventory tools businesses have, they all need a single place for information storing, analysis and managing. CRM solves these and many other issues, yet it’s terribly hard to get the relevant and timely data into the system.

When we talk about the advancing customer relationships and service quality, the survey tools appear as the solutions for gathering the feedbacks from the very sources. With this software, companies listen to the clients and get valuable insights for addressing the most painful issues, and scale the product or service up. At the same time, survey tool integration with CRM enables vendors to drive through increasing amounts of data provide the timely, required offer.

Improvement vs Work Economy: What Do Your Clients Need?

Due to survey tools, businesses start reducing the friction in an experience and developing a tangible, lasting connection with customers. After defining specific goals and focusing on the strategy, your clients look for business challenges solution along with workflow optimization. As well as, you seek for ways to increase revenue, loyalty while also making a service more delightful and efficient.

So you don’t need to put yourself into your users shoes - you can understand the issues they face. The mission may be varied - from increasing the revenue on e-commerce site to lowering the exit rates on post pages for a content site, or even driving the smooth user adoption on a new product or feature - still there a lot of data to measure and analyze. In this way survey tool integration is your functionality update, and client’s efforts and time sparing.

Survey Tool Integration Fulfills the Specifics Goals

Providing the means to forge company’s profit, your CRM integration will help your clients to measure precisely the success/failures of customer interaction, make products or services more attractive, and advance the process of cross-selling. On the other side, you extend your targeted audience and get better control over customer conversion and retention.

The mission becomes clear: ensure the seamless data exchange between your service and CRM. All forms, reports, and questionnaires are no longer just about presenting. They can actually deliver more efficiency and value.

The most simple example: saving filled in contact forms into CRM as leads, and survey reports as reports in CRM. While email responses can be notes or attachments, the tasks from CRM can trigger the survey and emails sending out. The results with assigned value (i.e. contractors, partners, employees, etc.) can be used for the contact profile update. Page off reports give the list of users that abandoned the survey, so these users your client can transfer into CRM as leads that require further nurturing.

If your survey service offers the email distribution, the contact data (i.e. email, name and company name) from CRM can be used for more personalised letters. Besides, the geo-targeted reports from your software advance the customer segmentation in CRM. And finally, the informational forms will aid in the real-time profile updates.

To avoid going up and down in the performance results, survey tool integration drives the win-win changes into the overall process running and customer relationships.

Developing Multiple CRM Connection with Data2CRM.API

API approach is one of the most effective and actionable problem-solving. Along with secure and seamless exchange, your customers can do various manipulations with the data. Yet, developing one survey tool integration is quite expensive and time-consuming. Obviously, you need a solution that will establish a flexible and secure ecosystem with multiple CRMs.

To say “API integration between survey tool and CRM platform is a dead-simple” will be a sheer exaggeration. Nevertheless, no obstacle is ever-insurmountable, and Data2CRM.API enables a unified API for integration with 17 CRM solutions. Along with ensuring secure connection via TLS 1.2+SHA-256 with RSA Encryption and SSL connection, the service enables more than 70+ methods and provides the transparent and robust documentation with code patterns and samples.

Usually, the price and duration of the CRM integration development comes as a touchy question to vendors. Data2CRM.API offers flexible pricing to comply with specific demands, requirements and deliver the high-quality service. And the integration process itself takes up to 2 days by estimations of our developer. You can find out more details by contacting with the expert.

Instead of Conclusion

Many businesses take the data-led approach, and survey tool integration will help vendors to reach the metric-driven goals. This functionality update delivers a new agile method to your clients and profit to your service in revenue boost and customer base extension.

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