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How Lead Generation Can Benefit with CRM Integration

Kicking off new initiatives, business owners of all sizes, shapes and industries are thriving to provide simple, actionable that actually correlate with product strategy. As always in life, the details are not the details; and lead generation plays a pivotal role in pipeline and revenue building.

The most striking truth of the curve - b2b spectrum faces the issue of collecting the accurate, right business information. Here is the spot where lead generation tools present clear, convincing capabilities to develop the desired sales pipeline.

But instead of being self-reliant on the success of your app, make sure you are taking the realities of business landscape seriously and aware of the client’s needs, as well as competitors’ capabilities. At this circumstances, the CRM API integration shows the advantageous options for revamping your feature set and ensuring the recurring income from loyal customers.

Casting A Glance on Business Landscape

Today business world is multi-faceted and creates competitive conditions for all participants, and b2b service providers aren’t the exception. The whole situation reminds about the words of the Red Queen from Lewis Carroll’s book: “...it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!

Describing the competitiveness of the market and ever-changing client requirement, the lead generation tools also tackle the issues of staying relevant, useful for current customers along with attracting the new audience.

For good note-taking, the data-driven strategies are implemented or applied as tactics in services and product developments. So, the CRM platforms and API integration with them deliver additional scope for other business apps as the businesses need a place to collect and analyze information.

Drawing a F.A.B. List for App Improvement

Once the lead generation solution offers to find new leads, it also provides the export option. If your app enables this function as well, your clients suffer from manual entry (that may cause inaccuracy and, therefore, negative feedbacks on the credibility of data you provide). Thus, including the CRM integration into your toolkit, the app will save time on records entering and allows client’s sales team get down to work in delivering new customers, achieving goals, and increasing revenue.

Another key theme to emerge is how to get this lead generation app update without distracting your developers’ team from polishing other options, and how to define integration with what CRM to build. Let’s compile a F.A.B.(Feature, Advantage, Benefit) list to see clearly what value can CRM API integration add to your lead generation tool, and how to proceed in this initiative avoiding any step overlooking.

Features (Existing & Desired) of Lead Generation Tool

Exposing the concept of business hacks, there are always appearing new-and-better ways to increase market share, reduce sales and marketing expenses, and provide proper data for clients. In general, lead generation apps collect information from different web sources and offer

  • contact database and social profiling,

  • company research and market analysis,

  • business emails,

  • narrowing down the demographics,

  • lead scoring and categorization feature,

  • business intelligence options,

  • latest news and trends so sales reps could find a common ground.

Helping your clients to understand their leads, you should understand customers and competitors, too. The tactic to target every possible avenue has died down long ago. The companies have rethought their approaches to iteration and require a steady stream of leads. This very change entails more visibility and optimization of the processes, so the following features start acquiring a rank of must-have ones.

  • Extending capabilities for geo-location of targeted audience worldwide;

  • Prospecting opportunity and narrowing down lead within a company;

  • Business development management tools;

  • Importing leads into CRM without extra fees and manual efforts.

Advantages CRM Integration Feature Enables

The technical capabilities of the lead generation tools, as any service, in particular, require maintenance and upgrade to keep the pace with the innovations, client’s requirement, and the like. Thus, you need to set the corresponding priorities (paying attention to your business purposes and goals) and select between feature polishing or developing API integration with CRM platform.

While feature development and polishing address major client concerns and allow you to match with the competitors, the built-in interaction with CRMs makes a transformative impact on your app. By delivering sales generation integration, your business gains:

  • compelling option over the average market offer;

  • enhanced workflow of the internal processes;

  • re-engagement of existing users, and attraction of new clients.

More important, you can supply customers with the listed next capabilities:

  • Facilitation of importing and updating data processes;

  • Assistance in building a harmonious cross-collaborating environment;

  • Enabling the pragmatic decision-making and ROI-promoting.

Benefits of Developing CRM API Integration Framework

APIs and CRM integration help to fulfill the strategic needs of the modern businesses and come forward as one of the fastest-growing investment areas today. In order to cater all of the different types of CRMs your clients use, your lead generation app should provide multiple platform interaction. Either way, this requires considerable resources, time, and efforts.

The complexity of API integration may sound oversold, but there is a RESTful interface - Data2CRM.API - that helps business software owners to build multiple CRMs interactions via developing a single integration with the service. The solution provides 70+ various API methods, filtering option, authentication (via CRM key, user, and oAuth), security (based on network, application, and physical levels), and robust interactive documentation.

Besides, the API-savvy developers’ team offers a support and issue solving. Feel free to visit Data2CRM.API Developers’ portal and sign up for a free trial or schedule a call to get more insight on how CRM integration may help your lead generation service.

Board It up

The innovations and breakthrough in technology can hardly impress both business owners and their clients. However, the root cause of success and repeating income is the understanding for you develop the service. Including multiple CRM integration into your toolset may initiate the feasible plan for software scaling up.

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