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Implement Business Intelligence API Integration: Optimize Your Analyzing System

Controlling everything has never been a trend, it is a constant process flowing through ages. Being a part of a business environment means you are acknowledged with a tough surrounding and competitivity on the market. If you want to stay one step ahead in today’s industry race, business intelligence API integration is the option worth of your closer attention.

A large amount of data surfing the web, required storages, viable analysis of information, these all brings us to analytics. An endless exploration of upcoming trends and apps to stay hand-in-hand with IT. Provide your clients with offers they won’t resist.     

Components of Business Intelligence API Integration

Business intelligence tools have grown in popularity for a number of reasons. They provide you with more flexibility, simplify distribution and better visuals. It is not a secret that many organizations keep their data stored in different systems. Each silo obtains its donor, client, and financial information. Using business intelligence tool and accommodating to upcoming trends, plenty of options arise so that you can drive users apps to numerous feature toolboxes.

Presenting new opportunities and providing well-thought strategy for program evaluation for your customers is a solid route to increase your clients base. Adding integration as an option, swings you to enhancing workflow, optimizing the reports share across the company divisions.

All clients are interested in uprising their business prospects. Your software toolkit already provides the extensive range of different charts and graphs to enhance the information analysing. Business intelligence API integration slightly opens the doors for extra capabilities you will be able to offer your users:

  • Aggregate the required records from the CRM (contacts, leads, accounts, orders, calls, etc.) to eliminate the information dust and reduce the record duplication.

  • Develop the infrastructure for reliable analysis accuracy for your clients across the products, activities, business units, and departments.  

  • Offer competitive options, to re-engage existing and attract new targeted users.   

Provide customers with smart data analysis that you can display in the software. Using API integration gives your clients full information control including simplified access to records such as deliveries, sales, claims, etc. Improve your business by minimizing the complexity, enhancing production rates and data relevancy plus developing customer loyalty.

Multiple Integration Solution

Business dashboards and CRM platforms are vague tools in business running and information analytics. Speed up a trip to success with business intelligence API integration that will ease the working process and decision-making, helping to take care of your customers. Apply smart solution Data2CRM.API that provides the opportunity to interact with more than one CRM platforms, by developing a single API integration.

That’s’ why the multiple CRM integration will be an excellent upgrade and attractive feature in client’s retention and acquisition strategy. The unified web-based service offers you the following benefits:

  • Seamless interaction with market giants such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and other 15 CRMs;

  • More than 70 API methods to run various data manipulations;

  • Robust documentation and code samples that are ready to try in action;

  • Three layer security of data, connection, and privacy;

  • Use free trial option, and try how it works yourself ;

  • Filter function applicable to different fields on any conditions;

On practical side, if you have any question or issues, the API savvy developer’s team is ready to help you. So, if you are interested in multiple CRM integration and ultimate productivity of your software, schedule a free call with our expert.

Final Takeaway

Current business ecosystem is a fast-changing chain of numerous solutions one of which is an opportunity for creating powerful new competitive advantage. Create your personal template for storing data, business intelligence API integration can become a successful strategy for the enterprise and your users and a guide to smart analysis.

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