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Insightly Event Management Integration: Catch New Business Opportunity

Event management systems have been rapidly gaining popularity during the recent years. These solutions help event organizers to both see the big picture and effectively manage the particular steps and resources needed to achieve the desired result.

Event management overall consists of numerous varying stages and elements, such as branding, determining the target audience, creating the event concept, overseeing the logistics and coordinating different technical aspects before actually launching the event. Evidently, each stage of the process requires access to disparate data sources and. Therefore, the event management app deals with the whole pool of miscellaneous information. Most of this data is usually already stored in various other applications/databases within the organization. One of the biggest sources of consolidated customer information and documents is the company’s CRM platform. For this reason, it would make sense to integrate the event management app with the CRM platform for a more efficient and relevant data exchange.

Some of the crucial benefits of event management and CRM integration include:

  • The 360-degree view of the event planning process from the beginning till the end of the project;
  • Decrease in time and effort needed for data input;
  • Improved data quality and relevance;
  • Enhanced event results analysis.

When it comes to choosing the platform for integration, it is easy to get lost between the numerous options. There are many platforms worth considering and one of them is Insightly. This solution is well-known for its ease of use and flexibility. It can be adjusted to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small local companies to huge enterprises. Finally, this software product won’t break the bank, which, combined with the advanced functionality of the tool, makes it a worthy option to have a go with.

All in all, integrating your event management app with Insightly enables users to plan, promote and track all key components of each event more effectively. The only question left is how to connect the solutions, avoiding great spendings of time and money.

Data2CRM.API is the answer to the problem of cumbersome integration process. This service offers a unified API for immediate access to 12+ advanced CRM solutions. There is no need to hire developers or write separate integration modules. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about integration maintenance and module updates, Data2CRM.API takes care of all the onerous aspects of the process. Last, but not least, you don’t have to stop on Insightly integration only, by performing a single integration with Data2CRM.API you receive the access to multiple platforms, including Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, etc. simultaneously.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your event management app it by means of integration with Data2CRM.API - a single solution to make your clients happier and profits higher. Schedule a Consultation

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