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Insightly Telephony Integration: Make a Winning Decision

A growing number of companies implement CRM systems to improve and facilitate various business processes. One of the most popular solutions on the market now is Insightly. The platform has gained trust and loyalty of over 400 thousand small businesses. It can boast about its exceptional ease of use and flexibility along with the whole pool of built-in tools for effective data and staff management.  

Overall, Insightly offers a combination of advanced functionality and affordable pricing. However, integrating it with other services and apps can bring even more business benefits. Telephony is a bright example, confirming this statement. Establishing the connection between the two tools prevents customer details from slipping through the cracks during sales interactions. As a result, increased First Call Resolution, higher customer satisfaction, and lower costs are only a few of the perks Insightly telephony integration has to offer.

Knowing this, businesses seek for a solution with the built-in integration option to skip the trouble of performing the process on their own. So, if you are willing to advance your telephony app and expand your user circle, consider integrating your product with Insightly and other CRM platforms.  

As for the integration method, Application Programming Interface is thought to be the best one up to date. Using an API allows making the process safe and reliable. However, if you do not possess sufficient technical skills and knowledge necessary to work with the APIs of each desired solution, the task may be a bit difficult. The most common issues, app developers may encounter when establishing an integration with multiple CRM systems are:

  • Considerable time and money investments needed;
  • Lack of experience with the task;

  • Different access requirements to retrieve data from desired solutions;

  • Laborious integration maintenance, etc.

Those telephony providers, willing to avoid the cumbersome aspects of CRM integration, should consider using a specialized service, such as  Data2CRM.API. This web-based tool was specifically developed to help connect various business apps with multiple CRM systems simultaneously and in a few clicks.

The main advantage of the service is that it eliminates the need to use expensive and time-consuming custom programming and develop separate integrations for each desired solution. Instead, you get access to such platforms as Insightly, Salesforce, Highrise, ZohoCRM, Bitrix24 and others through a single integration with Data2CRM.API.

What’s more, 70+ API methods, offered by the tool, allow to synchronize leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, users, etc conveniently. All of the methods can be tested with the help of short code samples included in the documentation.

All in all, Data2CRM.API is an intuitive and functional service for a quick and secure CRM integration. If you want to know more, schedule a free consultation with our representative.

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