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Landing Page Software Review: Choose Your Ultimate Conversion Booster

Gone are the days when landing pages had to be built only by the brightest developers and designers from scratch. Modern technologies and newest SaaS solutions make it possible for different kinds of professionals to create appealing and effective pages with less time, money and effort needed.

While the idea is still relatively new, there are not too many landing page builders that enable users to construct engaging, professional looking landing pages for any occasion with ease. However, we did find a few options with impressive capabilities and convenient design. So, if you are on a hunt for a landing page software, check out this review of 4 advanced solutions.


Pagewiz is one of the first players on the market that offers an impressive set of advanced features to quickly design superb landing page campaigns. The solution is targeted at agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Users can choose to create desktop or mobile optimized pages. What’s more, there is an option to import an existing design  from a file on your computer right into Pagewiz. A unique Pixel-Perfect editor allows to make your Pagewiz landing look exactly like the imported template. This is achieved with the help of X, Y positioning of each element.

Another thing worth mentioning is an extremely simple, yet functional drag and drop WYSIWYG-interface. You can just choose all desired elements, drag them to the appropriate place on the canvas and customize them according to your likes and needs.

In addition to the page building functionality the tool offers such features as A/B testing automation, statistics, various SEO plugins, widgets, etc.   

All in all, Pagewiz is a perfect tool for those, willing to create high-converting landing pages with zero technical expertise required.


LeadPages is among the most popular landing page builders. One of the reasons for it being so widespread is an ever expanding pool of various templates, with all of them available even at the lowest account level. Users can easily choose from contact and webinar pages, sales and lead pages, etc. Moreover, the templates in the gallery can be sorted by conversion, so that the users can select the most effective ones.

As for the customization options, users can replace images, change the colors of each element, change fonts and hide elements on the page. It is not possible to move or add any sections to the template, which makes it a bit restrictive, but works well for those, who are not experts in the industry. Keep in mind, all of the pages are optimized for mobile devices.

Some additional useful features include numerous tools for email list building, LeadDigits, LeadLinks, built in SEO options, split testing, conversion rate analytics and more.


Optimizely was founded in 2010 as a solution for A/B testing and page optimization. As the company developed, the service moved beyond testing alone and added the personalization feature, allowing business owners to create a truly personalized experience for their website visitors.

As of today, Optimizely empowers users to make dynamic changes to their websites, test the fluctuations in traffic and analyze results - all without any special tech knowledge. Another benefit is that you can test experiences on any device.

To sum it up, the tool offers the following cutting-edge capabilities:

  • Behavioral targeting that allows to personalize the user experience, based on received observations;
  • Audience Explorer for discovering new opportunities and audiences;

  • A possibility to measure the impact of all realized changes and derive useful insights with the help of analytics;

  • Convenient workflow for targeting multiple audiences.


Heyo is a bit different from the apps discussed above in that it concentrates on creating fan pages and campaigns for facebook. The service can also help to launch mobile apps, and generate web sites without any technical experience. All of these options are aimed at increasing fan loyalty and boosting sales.  

Working with Heyo is quite simple. Users can choose one of the available pre-made templates and further customize it to their liking. The tool has an intuitive interface and a convenient drag and drop editor. What’s more, there is a set of widgets that help to add all the necessary functionality to the page with ease.  

A pleasant bonus that comes with the advanced functionality of the service is its amazing customer support. Users can get in touch via phone, live chat, or just send a ticket.

All of the reviewed solutions have their own benefits and drawbacks, so the final decision as to which one to choose depends on the demands and tasks set before each individual business.  

However, despite all of the differences, one thing that would enhance all of the aforementioned tools is a bidirectional CRM integration. Data2CRM.API is a service that can help to integrate any landing page software solution with 14 CRM platforms simultaneously, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, Insightly and other. Willing to explore the option?Schedule a Consultation

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