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Make your Clients Happy With Pipedrive + Customer Service Integration

One of the keys to excellent customer service, both on and offline, lies in knowing your clients and using a personalized approach in interaction. Even though most businesses use various customer service software solutions to help manage and improve the process, practice shows that a standalone helpdesk app is often not enough.

Understanding the need to improve their products to satisfy the growing demands of their clientele, many customer service providers are adding a feature of built-in integrations with different other apps and services. Such a decision proves to be beneficial both for app vendors and their users.

A particularly valuable tool, to establish the connection with, is a CRM system. Most commonly, it is a hub of all customer data, that is later distributed to many other applications. However, entering the same information manually into multiple systems creates redundancies and inconsistencies, not to speak of additional unnecessary work. On the other hand, when the two tools are integrated, a one common data set, that can be used across the organizations, appears.

What is most important, CRM integration allows improving communication inside and outside the company. Employees have access to information about all customer interactions, regardless of which department was in contact with them. This leads to faster responses, more efficient issue resolution and.as a result improved customer service - the primary task of helpdesk and similar apps.

In this way, by adding the feature of CRM integration customer service solution vendors enhance their products, increase the chance of retaining their existing customers and expand the circle of potential clients with the users of connected CRMs.

When it comes to choosing the platforms for integration, the options are plentiful. Let’s take Pipedrive as an example. This is a simple, yet powerful sales pipeline management tool, designed for small and medium-sized organizations. It helps to organize the workflow and track important activities and conversations. What is really appealing about this platform is its ease of use and intuitive interface.

Moreover, the tool already offers an integration with a few apps, such as Google Apps and MailChimp. It also has a powerful API, so you can establish a connection with your own soft. However, there are three things necessary to remember before jumping into building Pipedrive customer service integration head first:

  • The process is quite time-consuming and requires specific technical skills;
  • Integrating with only one platform makes little sense, while creating multiple integrations manually is very difficult, for each CRM has its own peculiarities;
  • Even when the stable connection is achieved, there is a need to maintain it.
  • Fortunately, there is a tool that can solve all of the aforementioned issues - Data2CRM.API. This service is designed to help app providers to avoid the complications and make the integration process as smooth as possible. It allows connecting your soft with 15 CRM platforms, including Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, Highrise, Insightly and others. A well-documented API, full technical support and personalized service are some of the other advantages of the service.

    Interested to learn more? Check out Data2CRM.API interactive documentation, or schedule a free consultation with an expert.

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