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Marketing Automation vs CRM: Integration As All-Wheel Drive to Income Growth

During these years, CRM has acquired a reputation of multipoint approach to business running and improving the quality of customer relationships. Nevertheless, marketing automation tools solidify a better vision in the minds and workflows of marketers. So far, a chicken-and-egg conundrum reaches companies of different shape and size as a question “Do we need CRM if have marketing automation already?”

Savvy vendors know that a set-off: marketing automation vs CRM can be solved by the integration process where all parts get a win-win situation. In other words, the CRM integration embodies a sense of what success is.

Marketing Automation vs CRM: What Are Your Customers Looking for?

In the march toward solving the problem, marketing automation helps to develop customer relationship, automate the routine tasks, and succeed in ROI calculation. Yet businesses find the efficiency in CRM as the proven and reliable soft for tracking opportunities, managing clients’ data, and agiling the sales process. So, in the search for improved workflows and analysis, vendors consider about the systems integration without burning a pile of money.

CRM integration appears as a shiny new thing in the business world. Definitely, these solutions perform in some way similar tasks, but they aren’t interchangeable. Marketing automation vs CRM doesn’t offer a competitive advantage anymore. Your customers look at this situation through the business-focused lens.

As they lack in CRM split testing, dynamic content, marketing lead database, segmentation, revenue cycle modeling, social marketing, web and SEO analytics offered by your marketing tool, your clients also need sales intelligence and campaigns, lead scoring, lead lifecycle workflow, infrastructure management (i.e. user roles, permissions, workspaces, etc.), basic reporting, ROI analytics.

By sharing the same understanding of problem and goal and acquiring the CRM integration, you extend the functionality of your marketing automation, widen your targeted audiences and, therefore, get the increase in revenue.

Why Game of CRM Integration

Every journey of problem solving starts with framing the key elements to consider. It isn’t all that difficult to figure out:

  • Why do I need to add integration option to my soft?

A lot of your clients run a few tools to manage their workflows, and there is no perfect all-in-one solution, so they have to deal with non-actionable items in marketing automation soft and manually transfer them to CRM. The integration will save their time and hassle, and you, in turn, will gain more loyal customers and open a new targeted audience channel of CRM users who look for connecting marketing tool.

  • What will I gain by providing a single CRM connection?

There is no much guessing involved - the synchronization with one CRM system will doubtfully bring your workflow and revenue on a new, efficient level. Although, you can the better way to handle this issue by multiple CRM integration. This update will enlarge your audience, and promote the ROI numbers.

  • What if the marketing automation development won’t be secured and my clients’ data will be violated?

Data privacy may be a burning out the problem. However, CRM integration is done via API technology with encryption approach what excludes any third-party access. You expand software functionality without drawbacks on the data security.

Tangible Proof: Your Marketing Automation Needs API Integration

Coming up with a decision to develop marketing automation and CRM synchronization is the halfway mark. This software “speak” different languages, so API approach works perfectly for solving this issue.

API integration of your software with multiple CRMs provokes new ways of business running. It may look like considerable money and time investment; thus, it takes efforts to be successful and competitive in this ever-changing business world. CRM integration embodies an ingredient of killer advance.

Here is a perfect example to illustrate this point. The web-based service Data2CRM.API enables seamless and deep integration with 17 CRM solutions within a single system running. The trick is that you don’t need to develop a separate connection to each CRM, what saves you much time and money. Besides, the specific feature of the service is the usage of the count and describe methods that overcome the limits set by CRM systems and, therefore, increase the amount of data available for exchange, update, and other required manipulations.

The API integration service provides a robust documentation with ready-to-use code patterns, as well as enlists the used methods. Once you’ve thought about the marketing automation vs CRM integration, schedule a call with the expert and find out more about opportunities you can get.


The agile environment of the business running creates new requirements for marketing automation tools and CRMs. To capture a competitive solution and attract more customers, you should uncover more valuable options and out-of-the-box experience. API integration facilitates the set goals achievement and clients’ base growth in the foreseeable future.

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