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Microsoft Dynamics and Call Tracking Integration: Win-Win Approach to Business Running

Every journey of problem solving starts with planning and data collecting, and call tracking services deliver marketing and sales teams an expansive vision of what content type, channels, ad campaigns work best. A well-placed question here is how to get these records into CRM for better insight and, therefore, actions to turning leads into customers. So, the extending functionality by Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is the valuable solution that lies behind the problem your clients have.

Is Your Call Tracking Tool Sophisticated Enough?

It is rather hard to bring the shiny new tool in a business world, but if you aim to build better relationships with your clients and users along the way - call tracking integration is a looking forward option. Another thing to remember is that your expectations of a service as the vendor are never the same as the expectation of the customer.

Roughly, the functionality of call tracking tools can be divided into 3 types:

  • Basic.The service connects a phone number to a campaign and allows to collect such data as a number, location and duration of calls.
  • Campaign-focused. Call tracking software enables a bunch of phone numbers to campaign groups and different product types. So each keyword, entity, paid search, etc. is associated with a specific number to assure that marketing and sales can track every source.
  • Dynamic. Enterprise-level businesses run thousands of campaigns around the world and have multiple combinations of keyword phrases. These entities require a lot of numbers to avoid guessing game, so call tracking tools offer a pool of numbers that replace the company number to one of those reserved when the lead reach the website.

Each type provides the efficiency to companies of various sizes and types. Obviously, call tracking integration will enhance the performance and structure the data businesses are collecting.

Why Businesses Look for Call Tracking Integration with CRM

Taking a data-led approach, companies look for an increase in conversions and design new ways to tracking the lead generation sources, and measuring their efficiency. As it’s critical at the beginning of any initiative to determine what outcomes you’d like to achieve; businesses look for call tracking integration with CRM.

To prove this fact, you can check the graphics from Econsultancy report on customer experience optimization (2015). It shows that 68% of companies and 55% of agencies use call centers for optimizing customer experience using data.


    Picture source: Econsultancy Report

While 47% have the weak capability to analyze customer data collected from different systems.


    Picture source: Econsultancy Report

48% of respondents share the same understanding of value data importance, and suffer from an inability to access to all resources they have to extract the information.


    Picture source: Econsultancy Report

The following figure shows that 64% of companies take advantage of CRM or data warehouses for boosting the levels of customer experience.


    Picture source: Econsultancy Report

The key rockblocks that many of your clients are running into are critical need to integrate the cross-channel touch points and use a single profile of customer in CRM. So far, if your call tracking solution connects only to Google Analytics and PPC, these integrations won’t provide the full visibility of the processes businesses are eager to have.

What Data Can Be Connected to CRM?

Every functionality update is a kind of two-way street where you, as a vendor, control only one way: provide an option. However, by enabling call tracking integration, you will give your users opportunity to

  • enrich leads and customer profiles and improve qualification process,
  • transfer the viewed pages and lead sources into opportunities,
  • create tasks in the CRM will start campaigns in the call tracking tool,
  • track the SEO content performance and collect the results into CRM reports,
  • manage ad campaigns spends and results and deliver them as CRM opportunities.

Think of it this way: you provide the ability to achieve metric-driven goals for your customers while increasing the efficiency of your acquisition campaign and entice more clients.

What Will You Gain from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

The next standpoint lies in the choosing the CRM solution you will offer a connection to. The market offers the platforms of all sizes, shapes, and capabilities. As a success factor is decided from the start of initiative, it makes sense to offer call tracking integration with the leader - Microsoft Dynamics.

On the practical side, only the last 7th edition of this CRM solution has more than 40,000 users - what a scope of potential customers. And diving deeper, Microsoft Dynamics maintain a service for multiple industries (i.e. retail, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, government, human resources, etc.) Wrapping up Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with your software will leverage the abilities of proactive insights and business development for your clients.

Succeed with CRM Integration with Data2CRM.API

API approach to various system connection becomes a kind of recipe for companies to succeed in an agile environment of customer demands. Definitely, your IT team can develop the call tracking integration, or you can hire a professional for doing this job. Still, the process is endured and expensive. Data2CRM.API is rather a creative, useful tool connecting to which delivers you access to 17 CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics.

The service is based on the RESTful API, and you can look through the methods and code samples in the documentation. All data is secured with a unique 32-symbol API key and SSL connection. Schedule a call with the expert and find out more details about the process logic, performance, and costs.

Closing Thoughts

The business world is highly competitive and ever-evolving, so call tracking integration with Microsoft Dynamics and other market leading CRM tools will extend your functionality, gain more customers and, therefore, advance revenue levels.

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