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Pipedrive API Integration: Basic Advice for Business App Developers

Most companies use a whole set of various apps and software solutions to manage their business processes. Traditionally, CRM platforms serve as the central location to store all customer, transaction, activity and workflow information. Parts of this data are often duplicated in other tools, such as marketing automation, project management, accounting, telephony, etc. However, entering all of the data manually into multiple systems and keeping it updated requires a lot of unnecessary work and creates discrepancies.     

The best solution to the described problem is to have the apps with the reliable CRM integration options. Enhancing your product with such a feature will surely attract many new customers and help you leap ahead of the competitors. If you are new to the concept of application integrations, the following walkthrough will help you plan the process. Those having some experience with the tasks will be offered with a fresh approach to building an API integration.

Step 1. Choosing a Solution to Integrate With

While it is recommended to offer integrations with as many CRM platforms as possible, covering them all is practically unattainable. Therefore, it makes sense to compose a list of most popular and advances solutions to connect your app with. Probably, there are a few systems that instantly come to your mind, such as Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, etc. However, there are also other platforms worth considering. One of such platforms is Pipedrive.

Pipedrive is a relatively new platform on the CRM market, that targets small teams and concentrates mostly on convenient tracking of deals and activities. Despite its young age, the tool has attracted a solid customer base of more than 10000 users around the world.

The principal strong points of this system are easy setup, intuitive interface and affordable price. With Pipedrive managing your deals is as simple as it could be, one of the reasons for this being an ability to turn all desired features on or off with one click of a button. Moreover, the platform provides reliable mobile apps and some very decent, visually appealing reporting options.

To say a few words about Pipedrive API, it complies to the RESTful principles and uses a JSON format for output. It is also capable of handling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing requests.

Step 2. Building an API Integration

Once you are done with composing the list of suitable platforms, you can proceed to the actual development stage.

Beyond any doubt, if you intend to build the integrations on your own, you should be well-versed with application programming interface. Moreover, be ready to devote some time to the project, for building even a single Pipedrive API integration includes quite a few stages of its own. You’ll need to research the CRM endpoint, build integration prototype, create the MVP and take care of the transaction management. Finally, don’t forget about the necessity to maintain your integration, which includes logging transactions, monitoring alerts and taking care of customer issues. Now, imagine doing this for every platform you wish to integrate with.

Fortunately, those, willing to streamline the integration process, have the ability to interlink their apps with 13 best-of-breed CRM platforms simultaneously. A single integration with Data2CRM.API service will provide a smooth and reliable interaction with Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar, Insightly, etc.

Here is what Data2CRM.API has to offer:

  • Over 50 API methods to add, update and delete various CRM entities;
  • Extensive documentation with short code samples, allowing to test the service in action;
  • Secure integration process ensured by a 32-symbol unique API key and SSL connection.                          

Take your app to a whole new level of sophistication and success with seamless Data2CRM.API integration. Should you have any questions about the service, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with our expert.

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