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Salesforce Landing Page Software Integration: Accelerate Your Business Growth

Landing page builders are gaining popularity among small and medium businesses, agencies and even designers. These solutions allow to reduce the cost, time and effort needed to create a high-quality landing page that converts well. What’s more, thanks to modern technological capabilities, most of the apps offer extensive customization options to make each created page look truly unique.

However, in addition to the aesthetic qualities, a good landing page software should take care of some more technical details as well. One of such features is the integration with other crucial business apps. Because the primary task of each effective landing page is to gather and convert leads, and a CRM is usually the platform that stores all lead and customer information, it makes sense to establish the connection between the two tools.

Landing Page Software + CRM

Establishing a reliable bi-directional data flow across the landing page app and a CRM will help to decrease the amount of manual work necessary to perform during the lead transfer and nurturing process, and ensure that no important data is lost in the shuffle. As for the vendors, adding such a significant improvement to their product will attract more potential customers and make a positive impact on revenue growth.

While the integration brings various benefits for landing page app users and vendors alike, the process of building it is quite tricky and needs to be explored deeper.

Salesforce as the Number One Option for Integration

Probably everybody, who is familiar with the concept of CRM, knows what Salesforce is as well. This platform rightfully holds the reputation of being one of the most advanced solutions on the market. It’s impressive set of features, that includes sales funnel management, workflows, multi-channel marketing, customer segmentation, forecasting, lead management and a pool of other components has earned Salesforce as many as 100k+ customers and over 5 million users.

As for the system’s integration capabilities, users can take advantage of Salesforce’s APIs. The platform offers 9 different Application Programming Interfaces for different purposes. All of the APIs are very functional and allow to establish a reliable integration, yet there are still some difficulties that can appear during the process. Some of the more general issues include:

  • Considerable time and money investments needed
  • Lack of experience with the task
  • Laborious integration maintenance, etc.

If you want to know more about the Salesforce APIs and the particular challenges of integration of this platform, look through this article.

Utilizing Tools for Integration

As it was discussed above, building an integration manually even with Salesforce alone can be quite difficult (here’s a investigation of Salesforce integration hassles), not to mention connecting with multiple platforms. Therefore, the best option is to utilize one of the existing tools for the task. Data2CRM.API is a service that allows to perform a seamless Salesforce landing page software integration. Moreover, it’s unified API gives access to 15 more platforms simultaneously, including such industry leaders as Zoho, SugarCRM, Insightly, Highrise, HubSpot and others.

There will be over 70 API methods at your disposal to manage such CRM entities as accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, tasks, users, notes, attachments and activities. An extensive documentation with code samples and full technical support will help to understand the service’s functioning and get answer to all possible questions.

How Landing Page Software + CRM Work in Tandem

Saturating in a subject, let’s take a look at how landing page software and CRM integration can be of advantage.

The close collaboration of marketing and sales teams is more effective, when leads from landing pages are sent directly to CRM to a responsible salesperson. In terms of Data2CRM.API integration, you should use post.lead method to add all lead information into Salesforce. So, the data gathered from landing page will be synced to your customer’s CRM.

Want to learn more about Data2CRM.API? Visit the interactive documentation, or schedule a consultation with a specialist.

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