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Salesforce Marketing Automation Integration: Coin the Agile Workflow

Every business, no matter SMB or a large enterprise have their desires: improve data management, advance customer service, level up employees’ productivity, increase revenue, etc. Reaching new and always up to date solutions provide your marketing automation with a list of advantages, and API integration is one of them.

CRM Integration as an Upcoming Trend

Technology keeps evolving, yet it is incredibly hard to impress business owners with a new shiny thing. However, the APIs do conquer the modern tech and business world. These old-new enablers for further iteration of performance and workflow agility can advance your service regarding speed, usability, and quality.

Within the API integration, we cannot say it will mark up all your incoming wish table, but this option will efficiently improve the functionality of the service in comparison to the competition. Imagine how convenient it is to have one storage for all records, that you can check, exchange, and analyze freely. CRM integration is here for you; it is an easy way to connect a business app to multiple platforms and extend target audience.

Why Salesforce Marketing Automation Integration?

One of the widely used CRM solutions is Salesforce. In comparison to others, it offers business owners the efficient toolkit for succeeding in their objectives and goals. The solution already supports and facilitates the processes of nearly 100 thousand companies of all sizes and shapes.

Multi-tasking becomes a today’s routine, and no wonder that your clients apply a whole suite of apps apart from marketing automation service. Besides, the immense amount of records flow that goes over the business requires structuring and managing what enhanced by CRMs. So, taking on the data-led tactics drives the need in developing integration with CRM platforms. APIs are the easiest way to make it.

Some of the top advantages for the vendors that they can gain from this API software integration are:

  • Improving the functionality of the soft

  • Adding numerous Salesforce users to the customer base

  • Enhancing the market share and surpassing the competition, and the like.

Salesforce marketing automation integration turns the looming on the horizon option into the actual capability available to all your users. With this competitive feature, the user engagement and re-engagement campaigns will be more efficient.

Benefits of Salesforce Integration for Your Clients

Being always up to date in the IT environment means that you constantly have to investigate all the new strategies. Flexible and value-focused service will be able to accommodate to any user’s demands. Vendors endlessly seek for ways to provide competitive options on the market, and integration with Salesforce is a channel to improve your software.

Offering CRM marketing automation integration, your clients will get the abilities to

  • apply data and strengthen campaign performance,

  • exchange records between two systems quickly and securely,

  • keep track of every campaign within Salesforce task module,

  • advance strategy and track lead sources,

  • run purpose-driven performance to get growing KPIs rates.

With Salesforce interaction, you offer marketing automation workflow optimization, as well as seamless data exchange that saves lots of time for your clients. Providing clients with diverse possibilities leads to loyal customers, advanced functionality, and profit growth.

Clean Solution for the Complex Issue

The path to an agile workflow lies in the innovative software Data2CRM.API. A unique web service will become a useful toolkit for your CRM API integrations. The API solution provides the distinctive way to develop Salesforce marketing automation integration.

Besides, building a single integration with Data2CRM.API gives you the opportunity of integration with 16 other platforms as well. Let’s dive into a list of proposed options:

  • ability to interact with 17 heading platforms on the market,

  • more than 70 API methods for data manipulations,

  • transparent and robust documentation with codes samples,

  • multiple filter option applicable to any field on any conditions,

  • high-level protection with the three-layers security: physical, network, and application,

  • professional technical support from our savvy developers team,

  • flexible subscription plans and a free trial to test the service in action.

With Data2CRM.API, you will eliminate the complexity of CRM API integration development process and make it seamless and efficient. Apart from saving tons of time, the technical crew of your marketing automation tool will keep polishing features without disruption. So, if you have any questions and want to learn more about the service, schedule a consultation with our expert.  

The Final Slice

The option of Salesforce marketing automation integration uncovers new advantages for your business app. Along with the customer service developing, incorporating new strategies, and boosting revenue levels, it opens the gate to enhanced workflow and cross-departments cooperation.

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