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Salesforce Marketing Automation Integration – Create an Invincible Duo

If you are a marketing automation system provider, you probably know that the sales counterpart of your tool is the CRM platform. While the two systems clearly serve different functions, they also have a lot in common, like addressing similar business pain points. Precisely this duality makes marketing automation and CRM tools work perfectly hand-in-hand, which highlights the need for bi-directional integration.

By all means, you can leave the task to the users and let them bother with establishing the connection between the systems, however, in that case prepare yourself for losing a huge number of potential clients, who will find a different solution with the built in integration option. On the other hand, if you are looking to enhance your product and attract more customers, consider adding an integration with leading CRM solutions.

One of the most prominent CRM platforms, that should definitely be on your list of supported solutions for integration, is Salesforce. The reputation of this full-featured platform goes before its name. This SaaS ideally meets the needs of organizations of all sizes and industries. Its numerous options for improving sales performance make it a beneficial choice to help uncover the business potential in full scale.   

If you’re thinking about Salesforce integration, or just want to explore the options of connecting your marketing automation tool with a CRM platform, take a look at a few benefits below.

  • More efficient lead qualification and assignment. Combining marketing automation and CRM tools helps sales reps and marketers decrease the manual work connected with lead grading and ensures fair and efficient assignment of most qualified leads to different sales reps.
  • Closed-loop reporting opportunity allows to tie the revenue from closed deals back to the marketing campaigns that created those deals.
  • Better targeted and more personalized communication. Synchronizing the data gathered by marketing and sales departments will allow to delve into detailed behavioral tracking and create more insightful, right to the point emails and campaigns.
  • Real-time activity alerts help to keep your teams well informed and ensure that they take proper up-to-date actions.
  • As a result, more happy clients and higher revenues for your marketing automation solution.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about inventing a way to connect the two tools. With Data2CRM.API, a unified integration service, you can flawlessly link your marketing automation system with Salesforce and a number of other CRM solution simultaneously. Our service supports 12+ leading platforms including SugarCRM, Insightly, Zoho, SuiteCRM, etc. Moreover, it offers over 40 API methods that you can use to retrieve leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, etc.

Add more value to your product, boost the business and expand your potential client circle by the means of quick and straightforward integration with Data2CRM.API. 

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