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SugarCRM API Integration – Make a Step Into the Future

Nowadays, digital world is full of innovations, forcing entrepreneurs to keep up with modern standards of conducting profitable business. One of such standards is system integration. Due to the growing number of various apps and software solutions necessary to run a successful business, linking all these tools together and synchronizing the data between them is a must.

API, as a method of integrating and enhancing the functionality of distinct applications, is now gaining popularity among the digital community. It helps to share the data between various systems, providing the ability to retrieve, add, update and gather all needed information.

Why Integrate with SugarCRM

CRM platforms are now used in companies of all sizes world-wide. SugarCRM is among the most popular and leading-edge solutions in the industry. It is highly customizable and can be easily adjusted to fit the company’s needs. It also introduces a convenient interface and a whole plethora of advanced features. Some of them are:

  • Multi-channel sales and marketing for more effective lead generation;
  • Customer segmentation option for enhanced campaign planning;
  • Comprehensive analytics for more accurate ROI measuring;
  • Workflow optimization tools to facilitate the performance of everyday tasks, etc.

Evidently, integrating with SugarCRM is a smart choice that will bring you lots of advantages. However, the process itself may turn out to be quite challenging. Let’s look at how you can connect the CRM solution in question with the desired app quickly and effortlessly.

How to Avoid Integration Hazards with Data2CRM.API

Data2CRM.API is an online service that can integrate your accounting, BI, email marketing or any other business application with SugarCRM in a few clicks. Moreover, there is no need to use expensive and time-consuming custom programming and develop separate integrations for other CRM solutions, Data2CRM.API simultaneously connects the chosen app with 12+ platforms. The list of supported systems includes such industry leaders as Salesforce, Highrise, Insightly, ZohoCRM, Bitrix24 and others.

The service provides over 40 API methods for convenient synchronization of leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, users, etc. All of the methods can be tested with the help of short code samples included in the documentation.

All in all, Data2CRM.API is a simple, yet functional service for a quick and secure CRM integration. So hurry up and grab the chance to scale your business, increase revenue and expand the customer circle with one solution.

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