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Top 7 Web Conferencing Features to Entice More Customers

Getting used to the digitization of nearly every area of business and life, web conferencing services bring in real-time communication with saving time and travel expenses. Besides, clients find these tools as efficient equipment for interoffice meetings, as well as lead generation and customer support.

To succeed in this market niche, vendors should be aware of the web conferencing features their customers are paying attention to when they hunt for a new rich-functional platform.

Outside Look at Your Web Conferencing Service

Without doubt, every owner can assure that his/her conference platform has utility and fulfill the customers’ demands in full scale. In any case, you should more often run an unbiased evaluation of your web conferencing features and compare to stronger opponents instead of taking ego trip.

Let’s say you started with a basic set for online meetings, press conferences or trainings along with chat, remote control, and screen sharing. This is far from an impressive and customer-attractive conferencing features list.

4 Areas of Weighing Up Benefits of Conferencing

Usually, the main spheres of employing conference equipment presented as online events with staff, communication with customers and supporters, prospects nurturing and leads generation. To answer the question ‘What features of web conferencing allure your clients?’, you need to get insight into aspects they look over.

Essential Elements

The notion of ‘basic’ characteristics can vary greatly. Here is a list of must-have abilities:

  • two-way voice calls and video conferencing,
  • scheduling and inviting options,
  • screen and application share,
  • built-in recording, and
  • chat rooms.
Content Repository

File sharing and visuals are ahead of the web conferencing features list. During the search, your customers expect the options of

  • slideshow with presentation and video demonstrating, and
  • annotations or a whiteboard for an explicit performance.
Interaction Options

Communication always will be a defining facet for working with a targeted audience online. The following options treated as obvious advantages

  • messaging,
  • during/post event surveys and polls, and
  • Q&A section.
Platform Attributes

Last points, but not least in the evaluation of the web conference features are

  • support of mobile devices,
  • security and performance reliability,
  • bandwidth usage and permissions, as well as
  • reporting, integrations, and scalability.

Top 8 Web Conferencing Features Wanted by Customers

Offering the all mentioned above capabilities and assets won’t make you a perfect conference tool for each customer and prospect. However, there is a set of must-have options to drive more interest and clients to your service.

#1 Aligning with Business Objectives

Being a business owner, you avoid using the solutions or approaches that narrow down your functional capabilities and reduce your targeted market. In other words, well-presented web conferencing features convince your audience of service value.

#2 Free vs Paid

Regardless of the size, a budget is a touchy question for any company. However, your potential users aware that free platforms have shortcut features, performance and security quality. Meanwhile, paid ones enjoy the reputation of reliable and rich-featured. So, our advice to develop a flexible pricing policy.

#3 Cloud vs On-Premise

Overcoming this eternal clash, nowadays hosted web conferencing services are more preferred as they are agile and accessible on any device.

#4 Connection Quality

Quality is one of the critical web conferencing features. Such things as blurred images, chopping video and connection drops encourage your customers to leave. The extra features won’t fix this drawback.

#5 Reporting

Being an important option for measuring the efficiency, this so-called built-in analytics is wanted to track participants, polling and quizzes results. Besides, many customers look for exportable reports.

#6 Security Matter

Any digital innovation comes with advanced hacking attacks, so end-to-end data encryption plays a decisive role in the selection of web conferencing service.

#7 Integration Capabilities

A lot of your potential customers search for integration option in the web conferencing feature list. This API-based synchronization with calendars, CRM platforms, marketing automation and call tracking tools extends the efficiency and performance due to set KPIs.

Summing Up

The mentioned list of key web conferencing features shows you how to nurture and make your existing customers loyal, as well as gives directions on engaging new prospects. Moreover, if you consider refining your platform assets with CRM platforms integration, Data2CRM.API worth your attention. This web-based all-in-one service that provides a unified programming interface to integrate with multiple CRM solutions.

So stop by at our robust documentation or get in touch with the expert to find out more benefits of adding such valuable option.

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