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Web Conferencing Software Review: Aim for the Right Target

Nowadays, people from all over the world can easily communicate with each other through the web. More and more meetings, seminars and learning sessions are conducted online. Therefore, the importance of a solid web conferencing software also grows.

Standard features of such solutions include audio and video calling, chat, screen sharing, remote control and recording. Some of the more advanced tools provide audience interaction features for webinars, higher security, and integration with various other apps, such as popular CRM platforms.

Due to the broad array of solutions on the market, there is a need to evaluate the purposes of implementing a web conferencing software in your company and define the major required functions. Doing this will help you narrow down your options and select the one that fits best.

Buying Considerations

Let’s take a look at a few points to keep in mind when choosing a web conferencing software:

  • On-demand vs. On-premise. On-premise solutions require users to download them onto their own hardware but prove to be more reliable. On-demand products (most often SaaS) allow users to access the product via the Internet from various devices and are much more flexible.
  • Video/audio quality. It is crucial for web conferencing tools to provide high-quality communication options and eliminate any chance of connectivity dropouts.
  • Scalability. Consider the size of your company or approximate planned number of attendees of your web conferences, and make sure that the considered solution can align with your needs.
  • Security and reliability. Get down to the details of how the web conferencing provider will treat your company’s information and what security measures they apply.
  • Cost. There are both free and paid solutions on the market. Most often the free tools come with fewer features or lower quality. Try to find the balance between the price and functionality to choose an optimal solution for your business.
  • Integrations. The possibility to integrate with some of your company’s existing soft is a huge plus for a web conferencing tool. Think of what are the must-have integrations for you, and make sure that the considered solution supports those.

Now, when you have an idea of what to look for, check out the collection of first-rate web conferencing tools.  


MyOwnConference is a convenient, high-quality solution for webinars, online training and web conferencing. The tool includes a 100 features, and six affordable pricing plans. What’s even more important, the company maintains high-security standards, achieved with the help of the latest technologies of data encryption. Thanks to reliable European data centers, it also guarantees broadcasting stability.

Major features of the platform include:

  • One or multiple presenters;
  • Chat feature;
  • Keynotes and documents display;
  • Audio and video recording;
  • Screen sharing;
  • Branding;
  • Statistics;
  • Integration to web pages;
  • Paid webinars.

You can try MyOwnConference for free with the maximum of 20 attendees, 100 MB of disk space and 20 minutes of continuous recording.   


Speek is a tool that aims to eliminate the bulky aspects of conference calls, such as phone numbers, PINs, etc. With this service, all you need to join the conversation is a unique URL, provided by the tool. Moreover, in contrast to many other web conference tools, Speek provides an informative interface that allows participants to see who has the floor at any given moment.  

During the course of the call, users can perform a variety of actions, such as adding files.  Meeting organizers can even mute and add participants as needed.

The list of Speek’s features includes:  

  • Screen sharing
  • Up to 100 callers per conference;
  • Custom branded experience;
  • Dedicated customer success manager;
  • Unlimited conference calls;
  • Management dashboard;
  • Mobile apps.

One considerable disadvantage is that the service is available in the US and Canada only.


Crowdcast is slightly different in essence to the two previous tools. It is basically a hosting service for online events, such as webinars, web conferences, workshops, etc. The solution allows to schedule an event, hold it in real-time and record it.

A great thing about the tool is that it allows having a dynamic conversation with the audience not only during the event itself but also through email followups, to answer the remaining questions.  

Here are the essential features of the service:

  • Event analytics;
  • Demographic data;
  • User and email export;
  • Detailed poll data;
  • Multiple sessions;
  • Paid events.

Keep in mind; you can give the service a test drive for free.


EZTalks is a provider of advanced video and web conferencing tools.  What sets it apart from many other services is that it offers both cloud-based and on-premise, room-based conferencing solutions.

The on-premise conferencing systems are custom-built for each company and are best suited for large organizations.

Standard-definition video conferencing is free for up to three users. Pricing for HD video conferencing is based on the number of attendees that ranges from 10 to 100 attendees per room.

The core functionality of the product includes

  • Audio/microphone mute ability;
  • Screen  and content sharing;
  • Meeting recording function;
  • Whiteboard and remote control for collaboration;
  • Private text chat.


Highfive is a very young web conferencing solution that aims to reimagine the whole experience. The platform is a combination of hardware and cloud tools.

The hardware part includes a wide-angle 1080p video camera, microphone array, and HDMI. What’s special about this solution is that it comes at a fraction of the cost of existing conferencing equipment providers.

What’s more, the service extends beyond the hardware and includes a variety of mobile devices, allowing to connect remotely.

Some of the other features include:

  • Wireless screen sharing;
  • Call encryption;
  • Google authentication;
  • Free Apps for OSX, Windows, iOS, Android;
  • Phone, Email, Video Support.

As you can see, all of the tools, reviewed have significant distinctions, so, it is necessary to consider the decision carefully and take into account the individual requirements of the company.

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