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Why Account System Integration Matters The modern business development scenario places an essential focus on the functionality and work optimization upgrade. In the attempt to combat competitors and tackle problems faced by clients, accounting systems vendors consider adding an option of CRM integration. Accounting systems come as the essential software in achieving financial control and succeed in financial performance. Striving to stay user-centric and nimble in a large business environment, more and more vendors are interested in innovations and transformations that help to encounter the inherited lack of data transparency and agility. So, looking for the change of the problem-causing experience, the integration with CRM platform enhance the data-focused decision-making process, as well as unlock the full potential of accounting system. The inaccuracy and delayed old data brings false clues and insights and leads to wasted costs and lost opportunities. By supplying the CRM integration feature, you develop your software, extend targeted audience due to providing an effective and practical toolkit for data employing and KPIs growth. Advancing Functionality Despite you anticipate the change in the software landscape, it is going faster than you could ever imagine along with the amount of data that goes ahead in the business race. Your clients use a list of tools to gather as many records as they can. Accumulating tons of information makes them lost and unsure what to do with it. To handle the flow and derive the valuable, timely insights from data, vendors route all the records to CRM platforms. In this way, they receive more options to develop and implement financial workflows that fit the needs of an organization. Remember, being an industry leader demands adopting new technologies before your competition beats you to it. With CRM integration, you offer a competitive feature that covers the common issues of accounting systems and improves the reporting and analytical capabilities of the service, the data relevancy and eliminates the number of outdated records, the speed and accuracy of the financial information processing, overall software compatibility and opportunity for data extraction. Fostering Innovation with CRM Integration The sophisticated accounting system bears the responsibility of leveraging resources and appropriate methodology to cultivate an agile workflow, deep understanding of the data, and advancement of KPIs estimation. Following that way, CRM integration conveys the coming next opportunities: Workflows establishment and enhancement of financial, operating, and investing processes to agile the performance, Real-time and relevant data transference between accounting system and CRM to eliminate the copies, missing records, etc. Deep insights into the gathered information and improved reporting on profits, loss, expenses, payments and others. By offering seamless data integration and enable your users with quick access to the records, you will strengthen your existing customers loyalty and attract the new ones with an efficient option. Encountering the Risks Businesses face a myriad of issues on a daily basis, and they also share the objectives to accelerate the growth of revenue and profits. Accounting system provides a bundle of features to manage financial and investing processes and keep the clear balance on the expenses. Thus, this set of data isn’t enough to aid in the decision-making process. The integration of your accounting software with CRM will simplify the analysis and evaluation of the overwhelming volume of data. The functionality upgrade represents tremendous opportunities to understand and connect with the customers, and increase the variety and velocity of business capacities. Instead of thinking and describing the fascinating toolkit offered by your accounting system, try to step into the client’s shoes and see what they actually need for succeeding in business and customer relationship development. Enabling CRM integration will level up your software and help to raise the rates of your accounting system without scaring your clients away. Moreover, this practical option heightens the competition of your tool, and opens a way to running the data-focused processes. One to Many: Multiple CRM Interaction In the digital environment, to collect customer data is the easy part. The complex one is to gather the information from different apps and tools in a single place. API integration of business software helps to minimize the difficulty. The process requires resources and time. With Data2CRM.API, a unified programming interface, the integration of your accounting system with multiple CRMs will be handled by a single API integration with the service. By integration with Data2CRM.API, you receive the capabilities to interact seamlessly with multiple CRM platforms. So, your current and future clients get the new prospects in business development with a price of maintaining a single ecosystem. One API integration to connect your software to multiple CRM systems, Explicit documentation including the API methods and code samples, Standard and custom filters to run any manipulations with the specific records, Technical support at any stage of development from the savvy-developer team, Easy interaction with CRM niche leaders: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and others, Flexible plans and each request processing to deliver the high-quality service.

Accounting System API Integration Workflow

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Accounting System Integration Scheme
Brief Takeaway Develop your accounting system and build stronger customer relationships by making iterative improvements to existing features and providing CRM integration. Data2CRM.API enhances the process of interaction with multiple platforms, helps to develop and support a single integration to succeed with business software evolving. CRM integration with Data2CRM.API empowers your accounting tool users with seamless interactions and data manipulation with CRM platforms, timely record updates to exclude the information inaccuracy, improved process of the opportunity tracking and workflow agility, upgrade of the in-depth reporting and optimized KPIs estimation. Defining moments of accounting system functionality upgrade, new approaches to customer development, and workflow optimization, CRM integration becomes a medium to achieve desired goals and objectives.


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