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Call Tracking + CRM Integration
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Why Call Tracking Needs CRM Integration? The ever-growing and change prone business technology niche keeps evolving, and vendors consider how to tackle the upcoming problems, as well as comply with the client demands to functionality. Many of your customers have reached the level of mastery and use multiple touch points to communicate with their audiences. Marketing and sales teams derive a great advantage of call tracking services in tracking and scoring leads, records calls, gather customer intelligence and missed opportunities. Due to this tool, the conversion rates are dramatically increased, and the efficiency grows, too. So many metrics, so many data to collect. Aiming to get the most of all services and activities, your clients are looking forward to gathering all information into a single store. Call tracking integration with CRM can frame your customers retention and acquisition problem, and give a boost to KPIs and overall revenue. Functionality Upgrade Requirements The volume of data becomes overwhelming for many companies, including your users and potential clients. As for the data collected by the business use a handful of different sources, no wonder that there is an issue with its quality and value. Usually, organizations use the call tracking tools for improving customer experience and conversion rates. The survey run by Econsultancy on Customer experience optimization reveals that “a third (34%) claim to have become more effective at integrating user data from different systems into one profile store, just 9% claim this as a ‘strong’ capability. In comparison, 45% rated this capability as ‘weak’ and 23% do not have this capability at all.” Call tracking is used in digital and offline marketing as well, and data collected from multiple sources requires integration. Talking about the client-side organizations rate their data capabilities, 71% of companies self-assess their ability to collect data about the website visitors. In addition, more than half (56%) are collecting user data from CRM, POS or other online data sources. As you see, your users and potential clients are in the agile workflows and require a time-saving and value-driving option of integration with CRM platforms. This update of a call tracking tool will boost the data-based approach to a process running and, therefore, overall improvement of lead generation and customer experience strategy. Data Interactions: Records to Exchange The inability to connect and have a clear view of the real-time data creates a bottleneck to business running, and putting the successful performance of campaigns at risk. So far, by enabling the integration with CRM platform, the data your solution collects may be transferred and manipulated within the CRM according to the following scheme. The calls will be recorded as new leads in CRM system, Sources and viewed pages will be collected as opportunities. Campaigns are transferred into CRM platform as tasks. Ad campaign budgets may be collected as the opportunities. Scheduled meetings and calls will be recorded as tasks. Filled in webforms will be automatically new leads. The major role of accounting system is to facilitate the process of entry, categorization, and balancing the financial aspect of business running. Hence, adding the CRM integration option amplifies the functionality and enlarges targeted audience of users. Skip out on the Integration Call tracking integration with CRM is viewed by vendors as an expensive and long-lasting option without which their solutions can go without. Despite this theory, many of business software providers have done the cross-functional retrospective and come to a conclusion that by integration with CRMs they will provide the necessary functions to improve the specific user’s demands. Getting data becomes easier, yet the gathering and analysis don’t turn to be a dead-simple thing. As the companies find it difficult to curve out the certain data and measure it objectively, they look for tools with extended opportunities. For you as a vendor, this integration with CRM brings a new approach to customer acquisition and enticing the new potential audiences that use CRM and consider implementing call tracking service. Share a metric-driven goals of your customers and enable them with the accurate API integration with multiple CRM platforms. Focus on effectiveness and leave zero chances to the competitors to lure away your existing and potential customers. CRM Integration via Business-Focused Lens Integration with a one CRM doesn’t deliver a competitive advantage in a business world, but you can offer a multiple solutions integration with Data2CRM.API. A web-based all-in-one service offers a unified programming interface to integrate your call tracking tool with 17 CRM platforms. The key feature of the solution is time, efforts and money saving way to develop the connection and support of multiple CRMs. Once you offer your clients integration with CRM for advanced data gathering and analysis, you will also deliver: errorless, accurate records update and timely exchange via sync of your tool and CRMs, improved lead qualification process due to multiple reports delivered right away into CRM platform, cutback on the leads leaking out of sales/marketing funnel and boost the efficiency of applied tactics, basis for KPIs and ROI calculation on the real-time data collected from multiple touch points. Diving into Data2CRM.API Opportunities A web-based service helps you to reinforce your feature set with following facets: a single system to develop and manage two-way seamless synchronization with multiple CRM based on API, transparent and extensive documentation with samples and patterns to succeed in quick getting along with the service functionality, qualified and skilled tech supports from the developers team that will help you to cope with technical questions and issues, proceed in data management and apply filters to get the required records manipulation between the systems, integration with CRM market leaders - Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and others, customizable pricing - each customer request is proceeded independently to comply with all specific customer’s requirements.

Call Tracking API Integration Workflow

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Call Tracking Integration Scheme
Driving Takeaways Starting an initiative or project you set specific goals, you take on a path of business development and enable your clients with valuable tools to save their time and efforts. Use Data2CRM.API to increase the number of your satisfied users and potentials customers. Call tracking tool integration via Data2CRM.API with 17 CRMs enables your clients with simultaneous integration and timely data exchange, managing and updating of leads, campaigns and tasks records, improve the lead qualification process, the essential data for nurturing and customer converting campaigns, the accuracy of KPIs and revenue measurement. Your time is precious, so don’t wait up and start using Data2CRM.API today!


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