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Email Marketing + CRM Integration
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Email marketing service helps to succeed with the economy of user’s work and automation of routine tasks. Thus, no matter how brilliant or what experiences your tool delivery, business owners look for the enhancement in data management, improved segmentation and experience personalization, as well as deeper insights into the ROI and KPIs calculation. The CRM integration had already gained the status of a must-have feature in the email marketing service toolkit.
Those, who focus on the strategy, not just a delivery part, have already discovered the link between email marketing integration with CRMs and business development. The benefit lies in the upgrading your service with additional options to comply with the client’s requirements, acquire new ones, and get the revenue growth.
The one thing is worth to remember that the conception of the problems your clients suffer from may greatly vary from the actual issues. In case, you think that the most features don’t guarantee that you are providing the more successful tasks solving, or the high level needs addressing.
Think of it this way: email marketing integration can solve a number of issues your users face by building one connection that gives the ability to interact with multiple CRM platforms. The growing pains such as data overload, dirty subscriber lists, ineffective segmentation and lack of personalization, along with insufficient analytics insights can be prevented by adding this opportunity.
If you feel doubtful about the efficiency of this feature, take a look at new abilities it opens for your clients:
Use the relevant subscriber lists and get rid of old, idle records in campaigns,
Advance marketing messages segmenting to generate valuable click-through and open rates,
Keep track of multiple email and newsletter campaigns and collect the real-time updates,
Add new leads to CRM platform from the filled in sign-in and web forms, as well as
Get a clear view of data and, therefore, deep insight into the performance and ROI calculation.
During the presenting innovations in B2B space, you should use the dual focus as it’s crucial for the initiative success. Apart from the workflow advancement, the email marketing integration opens the following prospects for your users:
Upswing in data management (i.e. accurate records, real-time updates, ceased number of duplicates),
New leads in the database and segmenting current contacts into separate lists to increase the qualification process,
Apply data for crafting the personalized campaigns and triggered messages during any stage of customer journey,
Keep track of all the activities by gathering them all as tasks in CRM,
Collect sales, web analytics, revenue reports right away in the opportunities to be aware of the channel of possible growth.
By enhancing the data management and KPIs estimation, your email marketing tool with CRM integration feature acquires a competitive advantage in comparison with other services.
Proven, reliable and simple techniques to business growths are already used by you and your competitors, as well. A well-placed question uncovers the insights of the problem in email marketing. Thus, why should you change anything if your service works fine and has no problems? Obviously, you won’t be interested.
Nevertheless, some of your competitors have an expansive vision and see the trending of API integration in B2B space. Moreover, putting two and two, the data grow quickly, and inaccurate, updated brings more damage to the brands. The business environment itself spurs to the evolving and upgrading.
With CRM integration, your email marketing tool will reorganize and optimize the performance of your users, and help them to build agile workflows, succeed in data management and ROI estimations.
By enhancing the data management and KPIs estimation, your email marketing tool with CRM integration feature acquires a competitive advantage in comparison with other services.
Current business strategies have a data-centered focus, and aiming to collect data from various resources vendors look for the integration option to gather and analyze everything in one place.
The CRM integration development requires resources and efforts, and Data2CRM.API, a unified programming interface service, enables the interaction with multiple CRM platforms via a single integration building.
The CRM Integration process via Data2CRM.API is featured by the following benefits:
Building one CRM integration to interact with the multiple customer relationship management platforms,
Robust and comprehensive documentation with the API methods and code patterns, as well as integration scenarios for each module
Professional technical support provided by our developer team,
Seamless integration with such market leaders as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zoho, Insightly, SuiteCRM, Vtiger and others,
Flexible pricing and each customer request are processed separately to ensure the high-quality service.

Email Marketing API Integration Workflow

Craft efficient CRM email marketing integration step by step.

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Email Marketing Integration Scheme
Due to integration with a unified programming interface, Data2CRM.API, you can offer your clients:
Seamless leads transfer in/out of CRM platforms,
Real-time contact profile updates via data collected in web-forms,
Optimization of lead qualification process and overall workflow,
Enhanced data managing by transferring reports and templates,
Advanced analytic and improved approaches to KPIs and ROI calculation.
Email Marketing Integration Mapping
Email Marketing Entities
CRM Entities
Subscriber database
forms
Web forms
Contact profile update
Web forms
Triggered messages
Campaign reports
Click maps
Revenue reports
Newsletter results
Email templates
The flexible simplicity in the developing one API integration with Data2CRM.API is the key to getting a competitive advantage along with the retention current and acquisition of new audiences. It’s important to note that with functionality upgrade, your email marketing service enables clients with
The CRM Integration process via Data2CRM.API is featured by the following benefits:
simultaneous integration and timely data exchange,
managing and updating of leads, contacts, tasks and other records,
improve the lead qualification process,
provides segmentation for nurturing and personalized campaigns,
accurate data KPIs and revenue estimation.
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