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Gravity of Live Chat Integration In the digital age, there is a lot more data about everything and everyone than ever before. This abundance of information collected by companies can be effectively used in the galvanizing the quality of customer service. The live chat integration with CRM can enhance the support workflow and address the pull of client’s needs and expectations. Due to the technological synergy of live chat app and CRM solution, you can provide a dynamically generated ecosystem for managing day-to-day operation along with the lift of satisfaction rates, productivity boosting and support cost reducing. Plus, elimination of switching between apps and centralized customer database consolidates the cross-department processes and produces a refined, real-time, and calculated results. Deeper Insight into Client’s Needs Every vendor gauges the precise metrics that are critical for strategy building and overall business success. Live chat tools enhance the interaction with customers and come as a unique breed of communication that solve issues and collect first-hand feedbacks. By offering the live chat integration, you obtain a competitive advantage that breaks down the barriers between the apps to maximize the efficiency of customer service and productivity of business processes: support, sales, and marketing teams. The overall efforts can be increased by enabling the option of direct adding data from live chat and pre/post chat survey forms to CRM system, customer or account profile updating to boost the quality of marketing and sales performance, creating tasks or cases and attaching them to specific contacts or accounts right aways from chats, collecting of chat transcripts to CRM solution to advance the efficiency of lead scoring and qualification, getting the real-time feedback to analyze the sales progress and coming up with new marketing tactics, sharpening the rates of KPIs and ROI by using the real-time, relevant data for growing the revenue. CRM Integration And Revenue Exceeding Businesses that want to succeed in the highly competitive environment need to make sure that they deliver the feature set and capabilities that match the user’s expectations. In this line of thought, the opportunity of live chat integration with CRM solutions appears as a business application scaling up with A consolidated data management with a capability of direct record adding and updating, Obtaining the ability to collect more leads (i.e. name, email, phone number, chat transcript, etc.), Adding new cases from the chat transcripts to facilitate and upgrade the quality of support and service, Advanced the lead scoring and qualification for effective, personalized follow-ups and marketing campaigns, Maximize the sales and support team productivity by streamlining the workflow and real-time data updates, Improved organizational collaboration to set data-based goals, track the progress, and allocate resources. Getting all the data into a single place advances the workflow, estimation and calculation of ROI, and overall business performance and customer care improvement. Outcomes of Innovation Diminishing Along with the driven ahead market demands, live chat apps are awaited to provide broader range of commercial opportunities. Companies tend to adopt new tactics to stay relevant, so if you want to achieve a product-market fit - CRM integration embraces the critical needs and can lead your business app to quality and income growth. Think about it: today, when you think of a company, you are really thinking of a product or service. While your competitors upgrade their feature set gaining more loyal clients and broadening the targeted audience with live chat integration, you may continue to look skeptical at this option, but don’t forget to polish your app to a high gloss to ensure that you will stay at the current level at least. Due to CRM integration, you will streamline the strategic workflow setting up, provide the enhanced data management to boost customer interaction along with cross-company collaboration. One-to-Many Service for Technological Synergy Data-based strategies and tactics require real-time information collecting from various sources, as well as its storing and retrieving any time for any reference. Add a competitive option of CRM integration to your live chat app with Data2CRM.API. This unified API service comes as a one-to-many solution and enables the live chat integration with 17 CRMs by a single connection. Data2CRM.API helps to save time, resources and money on the multiple CRMs integration development processes. Once you offer your clients integration with CRM for creating a centralized customer management system, you will also provide: accurate data entering and updating along with timely information exchange, improved lead scoring and qualification process due to extra information added in CRM, advanced productivity cycle as the company departments updated with the new data, proactive customer support service, efficient sales cycle, and personalized marketing campaigns, robust foundation for KPIs and ROI calculation on the relevant data gathered from multiple sources. Explore Data2CRM.API Opportunities The unified API service helps you to reinforce your feature set with following components: One integration to support your live chat tool interaction with a multiple CRM platforms, Robust documentation with code samples for new contexts of API methods applying, Customizable filters to facilitate the user’s unique requirements in the data management, Technical support from an experienced developer team to encounter and eliminate issues, Consistent and scalable integration with market giants: Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, HubSpot, etc., Flexible plan pricing, where each quote is reviewed separately to assure the best service quality.

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Closing Windup The functionality of the business software evolves, the live chat apps aren’t the exception. The key to getting more loyal customers and increase the revenue rates is breaking down the software development roadblocks and create more powerful, efficient, and meaningful service. Meet your client’s expectation and use Data2CRM.API to increase the number of your satisfied users. Live chat integration via Data2CRM.API with 17 CRMs enables your clients with simultaneous API integration and timely records exchange, managing and updating of leads, tasks, notes and attachments, advance the process of lead scoring and qualification process, the essential data for follow-ups and customer converting campaigns, sharpen the accuracy of calculation of KPIs and ROI levels. Your time is precious, so don’t wait up and start using Data2CRM.API today!


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