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Marketing Automation + CRM Integration
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In the digital, highly competitive world, marketing automation delivers an expansive vision of what a problem area might be and where is the bottleneck of strategy, as well as on which stage the leads are liking out.
Customer relationships development requires a devotion of a ton of time and effort to ensure that everything is tracked, aligned and adjusted. This task is one of the key ingredients of marketing automation goals. Along with the workflow-focused architecture and automated programs to campaign management and ROI measurement, businesses thrive to connect this solution to their CRM.
The integration is a kind of a tandem of these tools that will advance the efficiency of data management, opportunity tracking and improved the in-house marketing and sales team relationships. The vendors in business space aim for data-driven decision process, and overall productivity increase, the CRM integration feature in marketing automation toolset eliminates the waste and creates business value.
From that pressure of the ever-evolving landscape comes new viewpoints, action items, and an overall tighter product or service. Clients demand new options while vendors doubt about the excessive feature set that may bring more damage than benefits.
Rather than fuming in your frustration, focus on the user’s perspective of CRM integration value. In a huge flow of information, companies look for an option of speed data delivery to the right person and, therefore, ensure the timely service and better analysis of expenses and returns.
More specifically, your clients need the next options to succeed in their niche with your service:
cleaner data in CRM due to transferring from marketing automation database,
get the lists of customers that opened/unread/bounced/unsubscribed the emails,
collect data from the forms to add new or update the info of existing leads/contacts,
use automated alerts to notify a record owner in CRM to take the required actions,
get a profound insight into the reports gathered from the ad/email campaigns.
Due to CRM integration these questions can be taken off, and apart from developing relationships with clients, you get a competitive functionality upgrade.
As cliche as it sounds, though, the marketing automation integration with CRM is a kind of a game-changer for both: user and vendor. Collective seal of approval grounded in customer insight proves the efficiency of CRM integration that results in
Improvement of the data quality and eliminate the number of duplicated records.
Delivery of more data to add new leads or complete the existing customer data.
Advancement of lead scoring and qualification, and speeding up the nurturing and conversion.
Analyze the real-time data from marketing automation in the CRM to identify the actual client’s demands.
Better strategy planning based on the results of the ad/email campaigns, and user behavior analysis on the landing pages.
Marketing automation enhances the process of reaching customers and collects valuable data for excluding quirky guessing in performance. CRM integration can make much difference to your client’s workflow and business development in general.
The most rewarding things that marketing automation offers is the effective communication with customers, analyzing the channels of interaction and web analytics. The drawback of this effective scenario is in the underestimation the user’s requirements and fear of adding new features.
Businesses are becoming more and more purpose-driven, and they apply a number of tools to build a strong customer base and get higher revenue. Though, the execution of the treatment strategies, collecting the results and determining outcomes across multiple channels end up in the data mess. In this way, CRM integration appears as a competitive option to strengthen brand loyalty with current users, and get new interested audiences.
Each vendor looks for the optimization of processes and ROI numbers and the productivity scalation. These aims can be reached without large functionality excession, yet the option of multiple CRM platforms integration is a virtue sought for by the customers. The price of development this feature itself is another critical question.
API integration between various business solutions became an efficient and fast solution to the raised data surfeit and a lack of a single place to analyze. The mission to develop integration with one CRM requires substantial resources and efforts. Data2CRM.API can be considered a middleware that enables multiple CRM platform integration by building only one connection to the service.
A unified programming interface, Data2CRM.API, provides the next feature scope you can supply your clients with:
Seamless leads/contacts transfer in/out of CRM platforms,
Current profile updates with data gathered in the forms,
Advanced lead qualification process and overall workflow optimization,
Facilitated data management by transferring reports as attachments or cases,
Accurate KPIs and ROI calculation and performance analysis.
Data2CRM.API Toolkit to Build CRM Integration
Connecting to our service, you get the new prospects in business growth on functional and financial levels, along with one system to manage multiple integrations.
Single CRM integration development to connect to multiple CRM platforms
Transparent documentation with the enlisted API methods and code patterns,
Professional technical support by our developer team,
Seamless integration with the market leaders: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and others,
Flexible pricing and separate request processing to ensure the high-quality service.

Marketing Automation API Integration Workflow

Build CRM marketing automation integration in a couple of easy steps.

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Marketing Automation Integration Scheme
Marketing Automation entities
CRM entities
Forms (progressing profiling)
Contact profiles update
Forms (customized)
Lead database
Email campaigns
Campaign reports
Lead source tracking reports
To retain your current clients and attract the new audience, you need to offer them a competitive advantage in data processing optimization and sales enablement. The marketing automation integration with CRM solution opens new capabilities for your users and your service development. Plus, with Data2CRM.APl, you can offer multiple CRMs what is literally extend your potential audience interested in data-focused business running.
Due to CRM integration, you will provide your users with the enhancement in
data exchange with their CRM platforms,
managing and updating customer profiles,
lead scoring and further nurturing processes,
opportunity tracking and optimizing the overall performance,
advancing ROI calculation and KPIs measurement.
Finally, the marketing automation integration with CRM optimizes the time waste and eliminate issues with data transference into CRM, and gives a functionality boost to your solution.
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