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Survey Tool + CRM Integration
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It’s hard to surprise anybody with the phrase that business spaces are getting extremely competitive and volatile. The data-led strategies change the requirements to solutions vendors make use of. The fact that companies apply survey tools for getting a deeper knowledge of their customers and promoting trusted relationships.
To avoid resources and time-wasting on initiatives that die on the vine and destroy trust, SMBs and enterprise level companies look forward to streamlining and strengthening their customer service, marketing and sales wing by integration solutions they use with CRM. And survey tool integration considered as an optimizing method to various business processes and ultimately productivity.
The integration of survey tool with CRM is seen by vendors as a time-saver for the data gathering and analysis cycles that will deliver the financial reward in a not-so-distant future.
The balance between insufficient and excessive feature set is hard to find for representatives of b2c and b2b niches equally. Despite the varying objectives and goals, companies require the automating of the manual data entry into CRM and the seamless connection and information exchange with survey tool come forth as current business extending.
Focusing on the shared problems, more and more your existing users and potential clients are trying to assess the virtues your service offers for their workflows. The more is far not always better, and laying the extra emphasis on the efficiency of survey tool, businesses expect the next options from your software:
The ability to trigger the survey sending out by creating a task in CRM, instead of vice versa process.
Collecting separately the filled in surveys as the attachments or notes in CRM without extra manual efforts.
Gather the list of users who have abandoned a survey for further nurturing those leads.
Need in managing personalized emails with mentioning name, position and company name stored in CRM.
Requirements for more deep data analysis that enables the further utilizing it for taking the actions.
These pain points can be solved with the CRM integration. The process is quite effort-demanding, thus, you will cut down on user refraining and improve your KPIs.
Your survey tool can offer tapped opportunities for coping with the current market scenario via seamless access to CRM. To be more precise, the integration will enable you to provide the following benefits:
Improve the evaluation of quality and effectiveness of the customer interaction and, therefore, boost the cross-selling process.
Delivering data right away into user’s CRM, you enhance the analytical phase and promote the option for a better understanding of the customers.
Boost the efficiency of marketing by attaching the geo-reports and page-off reports directly to CRM for measuring the efficiency of performed activities.
Sales department gets the enhanced records generation in the CRM due to contact forms while the information forms serve for the profile updates.
Email responses from the customers and quality survey with complaints can be transferred into cases, and use by the support team.
The survey tool performs the role of the valuable information source for several company’s departments. That’s why the integration with CRM determines the sufficient amount of data to plan the initiatives that deliver awaited financial returns.
Vendors repeat the mistake of running trial-and-error business, and underestimate the value of innovation and simplicity that are sought for by their targeted audiences. So far business software providers doubt that CRM integration will be an antidote to their tactical miscalculations.
The combined strategies that employ the connection of several solutions into a single ecosystem become more spread. Currently, it goes far beyond mere data collecting; and the evaluation of information and reasoning of decisions can be done efficiently in CRM that enables the cross-company access.
Without doubts, the initiative itself complex and purpose-driven. Thus, the survey tool integration is more about you make a tactical investment into the building a strong customer base and outperforming your competitors.
All these sound great, yet the question is how to make it possible. Yet, CRM integration is far more than plug in and work. Besides, each CRM platform requires developing a separate connection what is costly, time and effort consuming. This issue has a solution: API-based service that enables multiple CRM integration.
With API technologies, you can teach your software to “speak” with other systems without complexity or restraining service from further development. Using Data2CRM.API, you can seamless get the connection and opportunities to data manipulations with 17 different CRMs via only one developed API integration.
Data2CRM.API, a web-based service that enables a unified programming interface to acquire a connection to a number of CRMs without the need to develop a separate integration. Connecting to the service, you will deliver the following benefits to your users:
Enhance the process of data entry and management by seamless manipulations,
Direct records updates and timely exchange within the survey tool and CRMs,
Advanced the process of lead qualification and further upgrade of nurturing tactics,
Improve the overall workflow and optimize the real-time data gathering,
Increase the results of KPIs, and measure ROI numbers more accurately.
Feature Set of Data2CRM.API
Connecting to our service, you open new functionality horizons for your clients and, therefore, receive the financial results.
one API integration for seamless connection and interaction with the multiple CRM platforms,
Documentation with the code patterns and samples are available,
professional tech support from skillful developers team will solve the questions or issues,
filters option helps to advance the quality of data manipulation and interaction between systems,
integration with sought for CRM solutions: Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM and others.
flexible pricing: every customer request is processed individually to ensure a high-grade service.

Survey Tool API Integration Workflow

Put forward CRM survey integration process with this helpful guide.

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Survey Tool Integration Scheme
Survey Tool Entities
CRM Entities
Contact forms
Information forms
Send surveys
Email invitations
Excepted email invitations
Page-off reports
Geo-targeted reports
Filled in surveys
In the competitive business world, you can win the client’s loyalty to the efficient service. With CRM integration, your survey tool will provide the outstanding opportunities to boost the KPIs of data-led strategies most of your users run, while Data2CRM.API enhance the technical point of this process.
The integration of your service with Data2CRM.API and CRM platforms will aid you in providing your users with
simultaneous integration and timely data exchange,
managing and updating of leads and contacts records,
improve the number and qualification process of leads,
increase the accuracy of KPIs and revenue measurement.
Deliver undisrupted workflow and exceptional service to your clients, along with functionality and income development.
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