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Survey Tool Integration Workflow

Establish A Competitive and Purpose-Driven Business Tool

Survey tools quickly encounter challenges of collecting feedbacks, polls and various evaluations faced by marketing, sales and customer service teams. In that line of the process flow, the CRM integration facilitates data management and analysis for optimization and KPIs growth.

How to integrate

1) Create an account at our Developers’ Portal and

  • provide your organization name,
  • choose a username,
  • provide your email and phone number, and
  • select a password.

Then, choose a plan or run a trial version. You also can sign in with your GitHub account.

2) After submitting the form, you will receive the email with a brief overview of service, your username and link for the account activation.

By clicking the link, you will be directed to the sign in page - where you enter your username and password to log in.

Then, you will see a dashboard and your unique API credentials for authentication and API requests.

3) For the authentication, you need 2 parameters in the header of request.

  • X-API2CRM-USER-KEY defines the client who makes the request. It must be used for all requests sent to Data2CRM.API.
  • X-API2CRM-APPLICATION-KEY defines the application you are going to work with. It must be used for all resources apart from application and platform.

Send a test request to see how the service works. For instance, you want to get a list of CRMs, so send the following API request:

curl -X GET --header 
"Accept: application/json" --header 
"X-API2CRM-USER-KEY: YOUR_API_KEY" "https://api-2445581398133.apicast.io:443/v1/crm"

4) Then define your data mapping - determine how your app’s entities will correspond in supported in CRM entities. See data flow recommendations.

5) To add your CRM, you click on CRMs on the dashboard. Then hit “Add CRM” button and select a type of CRM (i.e. Hubspot, Salesforce, Highrise, etc.) After that, you need to provide the credentials - the required information differs in each CRM platform.

Let’s say you want to add Insightly CRM, so here you need to enter your API key and hit the “Submit” button.

After you will see your unique X-API2CRM-APPLICATION-KEY.

6) Next step is to Install the SDK: you can click “Explore” to see how to use it or hit “Git Repository” to download it. SDK helps you to add/review and delete CRMs, as well as work with entities in CRM platform (i.e. lead, contact, opportunity, task, attachment, etc.)

Before getting down to your CRM integrations, explore our documentation and discover all the functionality of the API service.

Suggested Data Flows

Power up your solution and provide opportunities of easy, barrier-free data management for long-lasting efficiency and process agility.

Collect new leads directly into CRM
Contact forms
Extend contact base with qualified records
Round up relevant contacts in both solutions
Information forms
Keep track of each campaign in CRM
Send surveys
Ensure timely and accurate performance
Email invitations
Follow and nurture the interested customers
Excepted email invitations
Gather details for setting a re-engagement campaign
Off-page reports
Check and apply specific data for boosting the offer value
Geo-targeted reports
Group the received feedback to advance service quality
Assemble the results for further performance upgrade
Filled in surveys

Get Even More

Apply filters to any fields on any conditions to proceed with data management

Check Filters

Explore the supported API methods to proceed in building your CRM integration

Supported Methods

Check the code samples out and ensure the successful survey tool integration

Code Samples

Reveal brand-new opportunities and bring values to the business with Data2CRM.API! Contact our expert and find out all the details and personal integration roadmap.


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