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Web Conferencing Services + CRM Integration
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Business running requires precise management and organization of various areas, and web conferencing services come as a great help to handle numerous upcoming issues. In general, these tools enable web meetings, web castings and webinars.
So far no company has little interest in revenue and customer audience growth, the approach to engaging more potential clients offered by integration of web conferencing services with CRM platforms draws close attention.
The potential customers that consider using the web conferencing tools for improving their lead generation campaigns, also see efficiency in the integration abilities - effortless data synchronization, activity tracking and opportunities management.
Once customers selected your web conferencing service, they are focused on feature set and look for conducting conferences without software installation or coding, as well as the integration with CRM platforms, calendars and social collaboration tools.
Despite enabling a great toolbox for lead generation and all advantages, your users share a number of nasty issues
Additional work with CRM for creating new tasks, opportunities and manual data entry.
Collecting prospects’ data that got interested in your online event and confirmed the invitation.
Storing and managing additional info from registration forms, during/post event surveys or polls.
Gathering and interpreting the numerous reports that complicates the lead qualifying process.
Lack of data for planning further campaigns and, therefore, inability to convert the new customers.
Obviously, these aspects require resolvement for receiving the awaited amount of leads and ROI.
No obstacle is ever insurmountable, and the preceding problems have solutions. To be more specific, here are several approaches for handling problems without integration option
Scheduling an online event with a description also requires manual adding it into CRM as a task.
The received confirmation with lead’s data should be collected, and transferred from the web conference tool into a CRM.
The info from registration forms requires updating and then uploading in a CRM along with a deduplication process.
Another essential data collected via during/post event surveys and polls, also should be stored in a CRM manually.
Reports show important figures that qualify leads, so they should be added in a CRM for ensuring real-time, deep insights.
Making a cutoff, the efficient lead generation using web conferencing services stands in need of CRM solution for data storage and interpretation, as well as further activities reasoning.
Some vendors are quite skeptical to aligning their web conferencing services and CRM solutions, justifying their point with built-in options. Such approach is rather a misjudgement of the market needs and miscalculation due to narrowing targeted audiences.
The globalization delivers multiple services with extra features and capabilities such as integration with CRM, marketing automation, call tracking, etc. Take a critical look at your features and step in the customer’s shoes - would you choose a web conferencing app with no integration? Indeed, you’d look for an efficient toolkit.
To hire an outsource team or a freelancer for establishing integration with one or several CRMs may sound like a soft option. Yet, the process may take months and a pretty high budget. With Data2CRM.API, you will get your integration done with 17 CRM systems less than in 2 days.
Take care of your clients time and efforts, and provide them with the accurate API integration with multiple CRM platforms. Give zero chances to the competitors to lure away your existing and potential customers.
Even the most challenging issues have resolvement, and the problems described above can be handled by integrating via API technology. You can create and foster an issue-solving infrastructure to scale up your functionality and user experience with the CRM integration.
Data2CRM.API is a web-based all-in-one service that provides a unified programming interface to integrate your web conferencing service with multiple CRM platforms. The major asset of the solution is that it allows avoiding the development of separate integration methods for each desired CRM.
Derive Benefits from Data2CRM.API Integration
Along with efficient data and process management, your customers will receive the following advantages:
Improve their data entry and managing process by direct adding tasks and leads’ profiles,
Establish records update and exchange via sync of web conferencing services and CRMs
Set up clear lead qualification and plan corresponding activities for nurturing each sub-group
Decrease the leads leaking out of your sales/marketing funnel for further planning,
Measure your KPIs and ROI more accurately.
Cast A Glance on Data2CRM.API Features
Connecting to our service, you’ll get essential facets to attract more customers
one API for two-way, synchronized integration with multiple CRM platforms - there no need in separate integration development,
full-bodies API documentation - where you can find answers to your questions on Data2CRM.API work; besides, there you can find short, but instructive code patterns,
professional tech support - skillful and proficient developers’ team are ready to help you with technical questions or issues,
integration with top-level CRM solutions - Salesforce, SugarCRM, Insightly, Zoho, SuiteCRM, Vtiger, Highrise, Solve, bpm’online, PipelineDeals, OroCRM, Bitrix24, Zurmo, Capsule.
flexible pricing policy - we process each customer request independently to respond to client’s need in full scale and ensure beneficial and high-grade service.
As you see, Data2CRM.API is a powerful and sufficient weapon in succeeding with making your existing customers more loyal and appeal to new broaden audiences.

Web Conferencing API Integration Workflow

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Scheduled events
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Contact profile updates
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Every business looks for the valuable and productive ways to provide the outstanding service to their customers. If you are owner of a web conferencing service, then Data2CRM.API is a clue and asset for increasing the number of your satisfied clients.
The integration of your service with Data2CRM.API and CRM platforms will aid you in providing your customers with
simultaneous integration and timely data exchange,
managing and updating of leads and contacts records,
improve the number and qualification process of leads,
provide essential data for nurturing and customer converting campaigns,
increase the accuracy of KPIs and revenue measurement.
Your time is precious, so don’t wait up and start using Data2CRM.API today!
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