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API Design Recap: Lessons Worth Remembering [Infographic]

Designing with a human perspective is key to building human strategy. While a serious cutting-edge design is happening in the UX spectrum, the developer experience is acquiring more and more emphasis. So far, the API design is expected to be more comprehensive, and take the fundamental goals as a basis. In contrary to the heavy regulated industries, the APIs are varying, and in comparison with machines - they are flexible.Once you define the requirements of APIs, you will recognize how to expose the backend data and app functionality for use in client’s applications. Without clear goals reflection, the API design will hold back the business development...

5 Tips to Improve Your Business with API Integration

These days to build-up a good, strong company you have to be well acknowledged with all trends that IT provide. Now, being smart, fast and mobile also has to be reinforced along with all the possible heading internet tools. If you are already involved with integration, you have to be versed in application programming interface...

CRM Integration in Business Improvement: How to Grow Your Revenue

A great number of issues concerning inside or outside company cooperation occurs nowadays. To keep the competitive edge in this ever-evolving business landscape, organizations of all shapes and sizes considering CRM integration as a practical...

API Conferences 2016

API conferences 2016
The API world is rapidly growing, and it is not always easy to keep up with all the latest developments in the industry. One of the best ways to catch up with the fresh updates...

API Predictions 2016 [Experts’ Insights]

API Predictions 2016
API technology has been around for a while now, however the trend toward its widespread usage has been steadily accelerating over the years. The need for a better way to store and exchange information, as well as perform various transactions between the apps and devices has triggered unprecedented growth of API industry. Nowadays, APIs and...

REST API for Dummies

REST API - the term has recently become very popular, yet its meaning still remains a mystery for many business...


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