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Marketplace CRM Integration: Open Up Your Business Potential

Integrate marketplace soft with crm
Marketplaces, - electronic trading communities in which buyers and sellers use a common internet portal, are becoming an exceedingly popular form of online commerce. Millions of people buy products on various marketplaces every day, and hundreds of vendors, willing to break into the new markets and expand their customer reach, place their products for sale on these platforms. All of this puts marketplace owners in need to store and manage large amounts of data. Moreover, the majority of customer and product information has to be transferred into other business apps for further processing and analysis. One of the ways to simplify data management and increase...

Bitrix24 Marketing Automation Integration: Build Up Your Business

Bitrix24 Marketing Automation Integration
Marketing Automation software is now very popular among businesses of any size and industry. Generally, it helps to conduct successful marketing campaigns, nurture leads, create relevant, personalized content, automate repetitive marketing tasks and measure their...

Reach the First Base With Insightly Document Management Integration

Document management is the software aimed at controlling and organizing various records throughout an organization. It can be used to track, store and control document repositories, workflow, COLD/ERM, output and information retrieval systems, etc.  Traditionally,...

Bitrix24 Telephony Software Integration: Become a Leader in Your Niche

Every day, businesses interact  with numerous customers and prospects. All of the customer activities, conversations and other details are more and more often being stored within the CRM platforms. This helps sales, marketing, customer service or even IT and finance departments get access to all information, organized in the centralized location and understand the customers...

SugarCRM Telephony Integration: Building Block of Your App’s Success

Telephony industry has undergone some major changes over the history of its development. Starting as simple pairs of directly connected devices, today many telephony services and systems incorporate digital technology to improve the capacity, quality and cost of the network. Among the newest advancements in the field are such technologies as VoIP (Voice over Internet...


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