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Microsoft Dynamics Integration a Guiding Advantage for Leaders

Having access to many “solution doors” isn’t a privilege these days. Vendors are in a constant search of progress triggers for their companies that will increase the workflow agility. In fact, organizations employ lots of tools and solutions, but the most important thing is the functionality. Whether they can break through the wall of competitivity or they can raise your ROIs, etc.Taking the efficiency direction, numerous business solutions are looking forward to integration with CRMs. No wonder, as the users are eager to streamline and simplify their processes without changing the apps their staff got used to. Many organization considers the Microsoft Dynamics integration as...

API Strategy + CRM Integration: Revealing Core Values for Innovations

In today’s world, APIs keep evolving and turn traditional development techniques from science to art. Being fundamental enablers for driving business innovative ideas, many organizations rethink their API strategy and hit the road of various services interactions, including CRM integration.Finding Clarity in API StrategyFrom the get-go, APIs represent an integral part of business strategy, and...

Salesforce Marketing Automation Integration: Coin the Agile Workflow

Every business, no matter SMB or a large enterprise have their desires: improve data management, advance customer service, level up employees’ productivity, increase revenue, etc. Reaching new and always up to date solutions provide your...

Data2CRM.API Integration Basics

Data2CRM.API Integration Basics
Data2CRM.API is a web-based service that provides a unified programming interface to integrate with multiple CRM platforms. It allows to...


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