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Our Story

Data2CRM migration service was launched by MangeticOne Group of companies in 2014. We are an IT company specializing in software development with the focus on CRM migration services, integration, and data enrichment. Nowadays, the Data2CRM services are popular all over the world: USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and many other countries. Our team of 20+ bright minds does its best every day to make the service better than it was yesterday.
Since Data2CRM foundation time when we could migrate only a few CRMs with the limited amount of modules, our team made a huge step up. Hence, now we support an automated data transfer between more than 100+ various CRM platforms and over 50 modules.

Our Vision

We believe that the possibility to accumulate and keep safe the business information plays a significant role in the company’s existence and success. That is why our goal is to ensure complete and secure CRM data migration taking into account all the client’s requirements. We believe that each client's case is unique, that is why we do our best to always bring the exclusive customer experience.

Our Mission

Data2CRM was established in order to bring a unique service of an automated CRM data migration alongside with individual approach to each customer. Besides, despite the fact that our service proposes an automated tool for your time-saving and effortless migration, we welcome any kind of interaction and feedback from our customers and are happy to help make your migration process as pleasant as possible.

Our Core Values

Here are the bases, that we believe in:

  • Be Long-term oriented

    The Data2CRM team does the best to make our users satisfied with their data migration results. For that point, we keep upgrading and improving the service every day.

  • Be Secure

    We take our client’s private information security very seriously and implement a set of practices, technologies, and policies to help ensure your data is safe, as well as offer you to sign NDA.

  • Be Open

    Our team is always open to communication and building strong relationships with our clients. We respect and hear every your feedback and improve the service day-to-day due to the requests.

  • Be Transparent

    We are honest with our clients. There are no hidden payments or additional conditions that have not been agreed. Furthermore, we’re GDPR compliant.

  • Be Helpful

    Data2CRM strive for our customers to count on us when is needed. So, your personal assistant is always here to give you a hand or advice.

  • Be Accessible

    We believe that our service can help any user to perform smooth CRM data import without any technical skills or specific knowledge.

The Way We’ve Made

Since 2014, Data2CRM made a long way starting from single CRM data migration till the possibility to ensure
automated transfer of more than 20 solutions at the moment.

  • Automated CSV/Excel Migration is supported

  • Data2CRM became an official partner of HubSpot CRM

  • Data2CRM became an official partner of Salesforce CRM

  • Migrations between 100+ CRM systems are supported

  • Data2CRM wins 2017 CRM Software Awards

  • 16 CRM systems are supported in migration

  • HubSpot CRM is supported in automated migration

  • Data2CRM announced Automated Salesforce migration

  • Data2CRM service appeared on a market

Data2CRM Partners/CRM Vendors

We are trusted and officially recommended by over 10 CRM vendors

Clients About Us

We are a CRM data migration service that is a partner and officially recommended to the customers by top CRM vendors

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USA Office
  • 2801 Camino Del Rio S, Suite 302
  • San Diego, CA 92117
Ukraine Office
  • Krushelnytska st., 43, office 36,
  • Ternopil, Ukraine, 46000
Phone: 1-800-224-1462
Support Department: support@data2crm.com
Business and Partnership: business@data2crm.com


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