How to Migrate Emails and Attachments from Pipedrive

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There are some specifics in Pipedrive data migration to another CRM.

Therefore, to transfer all the Emails and Attachments, it is recommended to take into account migration tips mentioned in this article.


You have to fill in API keys for every user in Migration Wizard to migrate automatically from Pipedrive whole data related to different users.

If not, only a part of records will be transferred.

To be exact, the service will move automatically only those Emails and Attachments that are related to the user/users who's API key was/were entered for the transfer.


migrate pipedrive tasks and attachments


So, do not forget to enter API keys for every Pipedrive user you wish to migrate.


In case you want to get a more detailed explanation about how to migrate Emails and Attachments from Pipedrive, feel free to schedule Data2CRM expert’s call.

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