What should I know about Recent Data Migration?

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Recent Data Migration is an option for you in this case:

You successfully migrated your data to the new platform using Data2CRM. But, at the same time, you continue to use your previous CRM system and after a while have a new data on it that you want to import to the new CRM.

The cost of Recent Data Migration Service is calculated as 50% off the NEW migration price that you estimated on our website.

Note: Source CRM - platform you are migrating from;
Target CRM - platform you are migrating to.

For example:
You have already performed the data import from Salesforce (source) to HubSpot CRM (target) some time ago using Data2CRM.
However, after the transfer you continued using the source CRM for some reason (were testing the new CRM, or your employees were learning the target software for some time); and now you have some new data recorded on the Salesforce which you want to import into HubSpot.

In this case, Recent Data Migration is your choice to consider, as it allows to migrate all new data from current to the new solution. You can estimate your new price on our website, but there is no need to pay all of it, only half due to the fact that you already migrated with Data2CRM.

The service will move all leads, contacts, opportunities, tasks, accounts or other entities (only the records you choose) that were added to your Source CRM after your previous migration.

Note: this option works only with your existing migration, it means that the source and target CRMs must be the same as in the previous migration (accounts).

Important: There will be no deleting of the data on your Target CRM, we will just import the new data from the source (if you want to clear all data on your Target, there is a CRM Data Remigration option).

To request this option, please contact your account manager to import your new data to the target CRM.

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