How Data2CRM.Migration Works

1. Provide your current and future CRMs details

Visit Wizard and start free sample migration. Choose your existing and new CRMs from the drop-down menus and provide the required credentials.

2. Email Confirmation

Confirm your email address to receive a notification about the sample and result file. (or provide another one there).

3. Launch Free Sample migration

Just click the “Free Sample Migration” button.

3.1. For first-timers, data fields will be mapped automatically using the most common logic.

4. Evaluate Sample migration results

If you are satisfied with the results you may proceed with full migration. Simply press “Start Full Migration” or “Add Funds to Start Full Migration”

Notice. If you want to change specific mapping fields click the “Change Fields Mapping” button.

4.1. Objects Selection and Mapping Configuration

You can check/uncheck the required objects. Also, to review and customize the mapping for these objects press “Change fields mapping optional”.

Notice. You can re-run your free Sample migration and change mapping fields as many times as you wish at no cost.

4.2. Fields Mapping

Review and change (if needed) existing mapping according to your business needs.

Case Studies

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