How Data2CRM.Migration Works

1. Register an Account or Log In

To start your CRM data migration sign up with the most suitable way for you. So, you can register via email or social media accounts.

Register an Account or Log In

2. Provide Your Current CRM

Choose your existing CRM from a drop-down list and provide access credentials (login, password or API key).

Specify Your Future CRM

Then you specify your new CRM URL, type and access credentials (login, password or API key).

Note! The required information varies for different CRMs.

3. Choose the Modules for Data Transition

Once you have defined the existing and future CRMs, select the entities you want to migrate by checking the boxes out.

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Opportunities
  • Leads
  • Users
  • Notes
  • Products

Please Note! During CRM import all relations between the migrated data will be preserved.

Map Your Records

Data fields may differ in your existing and future CRM platforms, and the service allows you to map the items by selecting the available options or skipping the migration of the field. Additionally, you will get the notifications about the unmapped data.

4. Launch Free Sample Import

When all is set, start your free Sample Import to see how the service works. Once the Sample Import is complete, check its outcomes.

In case, you want to migrate custom modules (attachments, emails, etc.), request a customized Sample Import.

5. Complete Your CRM Migration

After seeing the service in progress, you start your Full Migration to import company data to your new CRM platform. Once the data transition is complete, check its results and achieve higher results.

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